Lawn Care – How Red Clover can help your yard

Believe it or not there are times when weeds can indeed aid in the garden or with your lawn care. Red Clover is one such known plant that most people want removed from their lawn or garden. What they might not know is that the clover plant can aid or benefit plants by boosting the nitrogen in the soil. This eliminates the need for fertilizer or specialized soil supplements. Of course if you already mulch or use compost, the need for Red Clover in your yard might not matter.

The Red Clover plant is also known as trifolium pretense. Originating in Europe, Red Clover is widespread across many areas of the United States. This weed is known to populate in areas of your garden where you may not want it. So if you’ve noticed Red Clover in your yard, it may be a good idea to decide whether or not you consider it an enemy or a friend.

Identifying traits – Red Clover has bright purple flower heads that are comprised of many other smaller flowers. The plant itself can grow upwards of 20 inches high when fully mature. The stems are hairy and can bear 3 leaves that are highlighted by a V shaped leaflets.

Life Cycle – Trifolium pretense can take hold almost anywhere, and can be extremely tough. Hardy for its ability to thrive in any climate, Red Clover is also capable of establishing itself in hard dirt or inbetween cracks in concrete or gravel.

How Red Clover helps your yard – Lawn care and maintenance is a regularly scheduled part of tending to your garden or yard. Part of this regularly scheduled work is laying down new soil or nutrients that restore vital elements in your garden. Red Clover is a legume, which means it restores nitrogen into the soil.

Legumes have a nitrogen restoring element known as Rhizobium in their tissues. The result is a great benefit to other plans as nitrogen is released into the soil. Planting Red Clover as part of your lawn care maintenance or in your garden can give you a lot of benefits. This weed can fight off soil erosion as well as increasing porosity, and boosts nitrogen when the clover composts.

Although it’s considered a weed and overall a pest that should be destroyed, there are many people that swear by it’s benefits. Because of this trait, there are many gardeners that purposefully place Red Clover near their plants for the boost in nitrogen. In fact one of the biggest uses of this weed is by farmers who use it as a cover crop.

Other benefits – Red Clover has it’s uses outside of the garden as well.  In addition to being used as a cover crop, this weed is also used as a forage crop as well. It’s been consumed and recognized for it’s many health benefits.

How to Remove Red Clover – If you don’t believe that this weed should be in your garden, you can take proper steps to remove it. You can use many over the counter products to eliminate this weed. Of course if you are still having problems with this weed, you can find the best lawn care Allentown, PA can offer. These lawn care professionals can control red clover with tillage and applications herbicides if needed.