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Lawn Care Guidelines to Control Carpetweed in Allentown, PA.

Weeds are a major thorn in the side of any lawn, but Carpetweed can be one of the toughest to handle. Once this problematic weed takes hold, it can seem like a never ending saga to remove it. Using the right lawn care tips to rid yourself of this weed goes a long way towards prevention and elimination.

If you find this weed has infested your lawn, you’ll need the best combination of lawn care tips to remove it. This broadleaf weed is common in lawns or gardens and can spread quickly. When you want to remove Carpetweed, use these tips to learn all about your enemy and how to destroy it.

Lawn Care Tips to remove Carpetweed

What is Carpetweed? – Also known as Mollugo verticillata, this weed is a low growing mat that can cover lots of ground quickly. Each Carpetweed can grow to cover two feet of ground. Because of it’s low clearance, this weed can survive typical mowing heights.

How does Carpetweed spread? – Carpetweed spreads by dropping seeds onto the soil, so it is important to remove or kill the plants before the flowers bloom. The plants can root along the stems at any point where a node comes in contact with the soil.

How can I control Carpetweed? – When the weed infestation is light, you can usually manage this weed through removal. Carefully removing this weed is required so that the entire root is removed. This prevents the return of the weed, especially in tough to reach areas.

Other methods of lawn care to remove Carpetweed can include herbicides. You can spray directly on the plant, or pull up the weed as much as possible and treat the soil with herbicides. If you use a combination fertilizer as part of your lawn care maintenance, you should use a herbicide that is not pre-emergent.

How to remove Carpetweed – Grab the base of the weed and pull up gently. You can also tug from side to side to dislodge the taproot. As the plant begins to come up from the soil, readjust your grip closer to the soil line. This weed can return, especially if you leave some taproot behind. This means that you may need to remove the weed multiple times before finally ridding yourself of this weed.

Lawn Care – When you want to prevent weeds from infesting your lawn, proper maintenance is key. When you have a healthy lawn, Carpetweed can have a hard time gaining traction. Healthy lawns can choke out the Carpetweed, but when your lawn health is poor, weeds can take root and spread quickly.

Make sure to treat your lawn with a regular schedule of herbicides when the grass is actively growing. Following a regular maintenance schedule allows the grass to fill in areas that the Carpetweed can sprout up in. Use these tips to take your Allentown, PA lawn to the next level. Keep an active eye for open spots of dirt or ground in our lawn, which are open invitations for Carpetweed to take hold.

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