Lawn Care Field Sandbur Removal Tips – Allentown, PA

There aren’t many locations that are impervious to the reach of Field Sandbur. This pesky weed can overtake your lawn or grass in short order. It excels in dry, sandy or patchy lawns and can choke out the healthy plants in your garden quickly. Commonly known for the patchy seedpod that can stick to clothing, fur and skin the Field Sandbur develops painful sharp burs that help spread the weed. That’s why you need the right level of lawn care to deal with this annoying weed.

When it comes to superior lawn care to deal with this weed, you’ll need to identify it first. This can be a challenge as there’s also a quite a few different forms of this Field Sandbur weed. Some of the tallest forms of this weed can grow up to 20 inches in height, although they all develop those painful burs. These burs are actually developed from the hairy ligules that can spread the infestation of Field Sandbur.

How to get rid of Field Sandbur – Lawn Care tips

Controlling this weed is important, especially if you have children that love to enjoy your lawn or grass. The painful burs can stick to your clothing, your pet fur and all over shoes. Because of the way that these sharp burs stick into clothing, you may be mistakenly spreading the Field Sandbur weed without knowing it.

Although this Field Sandbur can grow in any soil or condition, most cases can be taken care of without resorting to herbicides. Herbicides can be effective, but it can also affect the soil around the weed, harming other plants or grass.

Lawn Care – In order to choke out this pesky weed, it’s best to have the best lawn possible. With a healthy bed of grass, there’s little chance that this weed can establish itself. Mowing your lawn using a carefully planned out and scheduled maintenance gives your grass the best chance at growing.

Remove Field Sandbur – Using gloves, you can uproot and remove the weed manually. Careful removal will usually remove the roots, which is important if you want this weed gone. If manually removing this weed doesn’t do the trick, you can turn to other all-natural methods of lawn care and weed removal.

Herbicides – If Field Sandbur doesn’t stay away despite your careful lawn care maintenance, it’s time to break out the big guns. There’s a wide range of over the counter products that are designed to kill off weeds. Apply these herbicides in the late winter to early spring to eliminate this weed.

These herbicides can remove the weeds and stop germination. Controlling Field Sandbur relies on lawn care maintenance, and a solid schedule of feeding and irrigation. When this fails, chemicals for Field Sandbur that is already growing requires a post-emergent herbicide for control. It’s best to apply these herbicides when the weed is at it’s youngest and most vulnerable state. If you have pets or children, try to have them avoid the patches of your garden with fully grown Field Sandbur.