Is May for Mulching in Macungie?

Green Turf Care specializes in lawn care services in Macungie, PA.   Here is a helpful lawn care tip that will keep your landscape beds looking fantastic!

Finally, the sun is coming out and melting the unwanted snow! You glance out the window and see that in just a few days the warm temperatures will melt all of the snow on your property. A few weeks later after your lawn and landscaping beds have dried out, you begin to dream of a beautiful lawn and landscape! The task can be a little daunting and require a little bit of reading and planning. What is the best thing to do to get the landscape beds looking fabulous?!?!

Here at Green Turf Care, we have been through plenty of springtime landscape cleanups. Over the years we have found out some things the hard way. Years ago it was our opinion to start cleaning and mulching the landscape beds once the snow has melted away. Our advice hasn’t completely changed but with a different twist.

The key to having a nice landscape bed is to prepare the beds for mulching. The prep work consists of removing any unwanted mulch from previous years. Other necessary tasks like trimming shrubs and removing winter debris is a good idea. The goal is to tidy up the landscape beds so that everything looks nice and clean. We want your perennials to get the opportunity to grow and fill in the not so dense landscaping.

After all the hard work is done early in the springtime, it is best to wait a few weeks to mulch. I know…it’s hard to wait sometime, right? There is nothing like the sight of fresh mulch in your landscape beds. Green Turf Care recommends holding back just a little bit and letting your plants grow some before adding mulch.

Typically during the early part of April and May is the absolute perfect time to mulch. Make sure to call ahead of time to your local landscape dealer to ensure they have fresh mulch and a delivery time that will work for your schedule. Check the shed to evaluate the looks of your wheelbarrow, shovel, pitch fork and rake. Having the right tools make you less fatigue and smile while you are working.

When the landscape supply company delivers your bulk mulch we recommend to install it ASAP. Especially with dyed mulch…we wouldn’t want to see your driveway stained from the mulch. There are several different types of mulch and you can easily call a landscape center to see what they have in stock.

A layer of mulch is the best thing that suppresses weeds in your planting beds. I’m sure you despise weeding during the hot summer months! Mulching also benefits your landscape by retaining moisture and moderate the soil temperature. Pay close attention to how deep you are applying the mulch. Too much mulch causes huge headaches. If you keep adding layer upon layer each year, you will hurt the plants. Thick layers of mulch don’t decompose all that well and will hinder the root development of plants. In addition to this, your soil will not have enough nutrients and water to make it down through the mulch.

Not only should you be careful around plants, you must pay extra caution to trees. Excessive mulch doesn’t look pretty, and it can make your investment a costly one. Too much mulch can possibly allow for your tree trunk to rot, insect to embed and discourages the development of the tree’s root system. During the hot summer months, the tree becomes vulnerable to the dry soil and is not able to draw deep water.

Mulching is hard work but always remember the purpose of doing this landscape task! Your goal is to fill in bare spots and to keep the landscaping weed free!   Keep the mulch nice and even as well! You will love the end results!

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