How to Eliminate Black Medic in Allentown, PA.

Lawn care is something that many people struggle with. Keeping your lawn and grass looking it’s best can be difficult if you don’t have a complete weed control plan. One of the biggest problems facing lawn service is the Black Medic weed. Otherwise known as Medicago lupulina or even Yellow Trefoil, this weed commonly springs up during summer.

One of the most common lawn weeds found throughout the United States and North America, the Black Medic weed can easily overtake your lawn without proper maintenance. Most commonly confused as a clover, the Black Medic weed has a specifically unique leaf layout and configuration.

If you think you have the Black Medic weed, take a close look at the leaflets of the week. These leaves usually have a short stalk in the middle leaflet and there are usually two lateral leaves on either side. These weeds can sprout a bright yellow flower during the later months of summer and well into fall.

How to Get Rid of Black Medic Weeds

Although the Black Medic weed is seasonal and usually rears its ugly head during the warmer months, the plant can survive over the winter. This simple fact makes it a very difficult plant to combat, especially when you’ve been slacking in lawn care or your grass not in the best condition.

Because this weed can germinate in late summer and bloom the following year, you’ve got to be extremely thorough when removing this weed. Young plants take just a month to a month and a half to bloom flowers and spread their seeds further into your lawn. Removing large patches of your soil may be the only way to completely eliminate the onset of this plant.

Once you’ve removed the Black Medic weed, you have to maintain the right level of lawn care to prevent it from coming back. Having a properly maintained and managed lawn can keep this weed at bay. Because the seeds that grow into the nasty Black Medic weed require sunlight and moist soil, having a dense and thick lawn can keep this weed from sprouting.

That’s why the best lawn care can prevent the Black Medic weed from taking hold. Lawn care is extremely important in combating weeds that attack your grass. When you are looking for the best lawn service in Allentown, PA 18103, some of these simple rules can help.

  • Water evenly– Don’t overdo it in any one spot or location
  • Lawn care supplements– There are many over the counter products that can ensure your grass is thick and healthy
  • Mow your lawn frequently– Carefully sticking to a plan to mow your lawn can keep your growth in check and help you identify weeds
  • Inspection in lawn care– Check areas of your lawn and any possible trouble spots to see if there’s an outburst of lawn weeds. Prevention is a big part of weed control, find the problem areas before they spread.

Lawn care has many moving parts to it, and can take a lot of time and energy. Take the proper steps to weed control by maintaining a high level of lawn service in your home today.

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