Lawn Care Tips to Remove Horseweed – Allentown, PA

Horseweed plants are also known as Marestail, and it’s an annual weed that can present problems for any garden or lawn. Germinating in the winter or fall, Horseweed can become an invasive problem. You’ll need adjustments to your lawn care techniques to prevent this weed from spreading over your property.

Typically these weeds start out as a harmless rosette until they flower and spread their seeds. After maturing in the summer, Horseweed can multiply by fall leading to this weed infesting and ruining your lawn care efforts. In order to remove Horseweed from your grass, you need adjustments to your lawn care techniques.

Lawn Care Techniques to remove Horseweed 

Remove Horseweed – It’s vital to find, identify Horseweed quickly. That’s because once the weed matures, you run the risk of your lawn being overrun. Adjustments to your lawn care techniques should happen immediately once you’ve spotted this weed. Removing this weed manually requires that you be careful.

That’s because Horseweed can produce upwards of 200,000 seeds in the fall. This can be dispersed by wind, spreading over your lawn and grass. Not only that but emerging seedlings are very hardy, with 59 to 91% surviving the winter months, causing problems next spring. When removing Horseweed make sure that you take care to contain seeds that may fall.

Herbicides – If your grass has already become overrun by Horseweed, you may need to take drastic measures instead of changing your lawn care methods. If your lawn care techniques have failed you, herbicides will help control and remove Horseweed. Corn-based herbicides are very effective in controlling horseweed.

These can include products that feature atrazine and growth regulators. These are often effective when glyphosate-based herbicides don’t do the trick. Typically in a lawn, you’ll need to turn to herbicides to remove Horseweed properly.

Want to learn how to remove Horseweed? Check out these lawn care tips below to eliminate this weed.

Lawn Care Tips to Kill Horseweed

  1. Early prevention– Preventing the onset of Horseweed is easier said than done. But the important part of lawn care is to act quickly. Delaying a course of action only allows the weed to spread and mature further, which can cause more problems.
  2. Other plants– If Horseweed is a problem for your garden, consider planting soybeans to combat the weed. Soybean plants are extremely tough and resistant to Horseweed.
  3. Herbicide– Over the counter products can help you burn out Horseweed. However, these products work best when the weed is still a sapling. If the Horseweed grows past 4 inches, many herbicides may not do the trick. Herbicides that contain the active ingredients chlorimuron or cloransulam can also help you curb Horseweed growth.

The important thing to remember when it comes to lawn care is to take action quickly. Without early detection and removal, you could run the risk of your lawn being overtaken quickly. Horseweed is an extremely prolific weed, and can multiply quickly so adjust your lawn care techniques to take action now.