With today’s edition, we are ⅘  of the way through our lawn care tips. In our most recent update to this lawn service series, we discussed two popular techniques in getting the thick, lush lawn that you want. This week we will discuss what to do with those grass clippings, and how to avoid grass clumps that make ruts in your lawn.

  • Your Grass Clippings Can Feed Your Lawn – Mulching your lawn clippings restores nutrients to the lawn and soil. It also saves you the time, bags, and energy it takes to bag it and haul it away. How many times is the easiest thing to do also the best thing to do? You have to take full advantage of those times.
  • Water In Short Intervals – If you see excessive water runoff or standing water in your lawn, then heed the warning. Your lawn is dealing with too much water at once. All you need to do is cut the length of each watering down to about 10 minutes, depending on what your lawn can handle. If you still see signs of over watering knock it down another couple of minutes. Hit that area of your lawn with a little water and come back later and hit it again after it has soaked up the first dose.
  • Clumps Are For Chumps – Mowing the lawn when it’s dry, reduces the clumping that occurs with damp lawns. If the lawn is dry, it’s more difficult for the blades to stick together, but it may still occur a little. Just use a rake to spread the clumps out.

Next week we conclude our lawn care tips with more important advice from our lawn service experts.