How to Eliminate Hairy Bittercress in Allentown, PA.

If your lawn is a mess and has become overgrown with weeds you must take action now.  As our lawn care company services Allentown, one of the biggest tasks we have is to control weeds. There are many weed issues but one of the largest problems to any lawn is the Hairy Bittercress. Every year around the world, weed seeds burst into growth and left unchecked can overcome any lawn. Lawn care can play a big role in preventing Hairy Bittercress but there’s a few ways to improve your methods of weed control to help.

Hairy Bittercress weeds are one of the fastest growing types of weeds. They bloom during the beginning of spring and can last well into the early months of summer. One of the other names for this weed is Cardamine Hirsuta and it can affect your lawn in spring as well as fall. The leaves of this weed are slightly scalloped, with the larger leaves at the bottom of the plant.

The Hairy bittercress weed also features a long stem which can range between 3 to 9 inch long stems. It can also feature tiny white flowers that bloom at the ends of the stems, which then turn into seedpods. Once the weed reaches full maturity the pod bursts and releases these seeds further into your lawn.

One of the biggest weed control measures you can take is to quickly recognize these plants and control these seedpods. Here’s a few other methods to rid yourself of these weeds and step up your weed control.

Weed control – Find and locate Hair Bittercress

Hair Bittercress can be a difficult foe and one that can foil the most comprehensive of weed control plans. Because this plant can often hide itself along your landscaping or other plants, sometimes it can be too little too late once you’ve found it. This weed can expand in your garden quickly so once you discover this weed it’s important to take action immediately.

Because just one or two of this weed can ruin your garden, early weed control is very important. One large aspect of weed control in your lawn or garden is early detection. Only through early detection can you prevent infestation in the rest of your landscape or garden.

Although there are many weed control products that can help, their effectiveness can be limited. Because of the moist soil and warm weather in your area, the hairy bittercress can grow rapidly when left unchecked. Instead locating this weed early and carefully removing the plant all together is the best way to go about it. Because the seedpods can easily burst, it’s best to use the proper protection to prevent the Hair Bittercress seeds from spreading.

When you want to find out how to take your lawn care to a new level, weed control is an important aspect. Have an existing problem with Hair Bittercress weeds in your grass? Treat them carefully and use several weed fighting products to keep the new growths at bay.