Because it’s more than a mower, water, and sunlight that creates a healthy lawn!

Who knew learning about essential lawn care tools could be two parts?! In part one, we explored three of the most common lawn care equipment including lawn mowers, aerators, and rakes. In today’s post, we’ll go more in-depth on lawn equipment that can really make a difference in your summer yard maintenance.

It’s that time of the season where everyone is ready to get their lawns in tip-top shape! Green Turf Care is here to help make this transition effortless for a yard lawn that grows in green and full.

Important Lawn Care Equipment

Beyond a rake, aerator, and lawnmower, you can get a little more fancy with the lawn care tools you choose. Yard work can be one of two things: back breaking and hard or not so hard (with the right tools)! If you could make things a little easier and go a little faster, would you? Get to know these lawn superstars below.  

String Trimmers

If you love perfect edges and straight lines, a string trimmer helps to create a well-kept lawn. Trimmers are handheld and are either gas or electric. This type of equipment functions by a spinning head with the plastic string as the part that trims the edges. Use a string trimmer for around garden and flower beds, fences, sidewalks, and buildings — all the tiny places the mower can’t touch.


A thatch overgrowth can be harmful to your lawn because it can stifle nutrients to the grass plant underneath and cause dry, brown, and dead spots as a result. To mitigate excessive thatch, a de-thatcher is needed. A good, strong raking can dethatch your lawn, and for exceptionally tough and thick thatch you can invest in a dethatcher.


Edgers are great for creating precise lines where walkways and the lawn meet. It is similar to a string trimmer but instead uses metal blades and a vertical head to trim dramatic lines.


A hand sprayer or a larger backpack sprayer will make your life much easier when you’re trying to attack weeds. You can fill these sprayers with your weed killer of choice and effortlessly spray the areas.

Push Spreaders

Feeding your lawn is a crucial part in lawn care maintenance, and a push spreader is the gold standard. It quickly spreads fertilizers, pesticides, and seed. You can buy one, or most home and garden centers allow you to rent them out for the weekend.


Though blowers aren’t essential, they sure make lawn care easier! This type of lawn care equipment uses forced air to blow leaves and other clippings into a pile for easy clean-up. It’s also a handy tool to clean off your driveway and sidewalks of debris.

You don’t have to want to start a lawn care business to invest in a couple of lawn care tools to help make the time you spend in your yard worth it. A mower and rake will take you far, and for the rest, make friends with your neighbors and borrow equipment if you don’t want to buy it.

It also might be worth it to pop into your local home and garden center and see what they have available to rent — spending money there a few times in the season may be cheaper than purchasing new lawn care equipment.

If you want to relinquish your green thumb to someone else, consider partnering with a local lawn care company that can do all the hard work for you!

For the best lawn care in the Emmaus area and beyond for fertilization, overseeding, and aeration, schedule a lawn care treatment with us today!