Ridding your garden of Eclipta using Natural Lawn Service

Eclipta weeds can do more than choke out your garden, it can overtake and infest your lawn as well. Common to the backyard garden, this weed can also grow in the hardiest of areas like your sidewalks or driveways. This weed won’t stop without the right level of lawn service, and manually removing them could lead to them coming back even stronger.

These aggravating weeds can eliminate any chance of your lawn or garden being healthy. If you find yourself struggling against the onset of Eclipta, you can use these all natural lawn care tips to deal with this weed. These lawn care tips can provide you with an organic, all natural approach to weed management. More importantly, you can use these all-natural tips to lawn care gives you the best chance at avoiding herbicides.

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Natural lawn care methods to remove Eclipta

White vinegar – Vinegar is an excellent source of cleaning or disinfecting. It’s been used throughout the years for a variety of purposes. Unfortunately, most people don’t know it’s also effective in controlling weeds like Eclipta. Spray some white vinegar on Eclipta leaves and allow it to seep into the soil to remove this pesky weed. Vinegar is harsh to the weed, but won’t contaminate or poison anything else, unlike over the counter herbicides.

Boiling water – Hot water can do more than disinfect your counters or utensils. Pouring hot water over your Eclipta weeds can remove them. However this method should only be saved for weeds that are growing between cracks or concrete. Want to remove Eclipta from your driveway? Boil some hot water and burn it out to prevent this weed from growing back.

Using this all natural lawn care tip in your garden isn’t recommended however. There’s no way that hot water can distinguish between a good plant and a bad one.

Mulch – Properly laying down a positive layer of mulch can slow down weed growth and infestation. Although it’s an all natural method to deal with your weeds, it won’t stop them completely. Get rid of Eclipta first and use this natural lawn care tip to stop it from regrowing.

Not only does this all natural lawn care tip slow down weeds, but it’s an organic way for your plants to grow. Mulch will provide your plants with the nutrients they need to survive and thrive.

Salt water – Mixing salt with water can also be an effective, all natural way to eliminate Eclipta. The salt content will dehydrate the weeds by releasing their nutrients into the soil. Be careful when applying this lawn care tip, because salt water won’t discriminate between weeds and plants.

Salt water can dehydrate and damage the surrounding soil, so be careful when using this lawn care tip. A small amount of salt can damage your carefully-cultivated organic veggies, herbs and flowers, so be careful.

Corn meal – Sprinkle a small amount of carefully measured corn meal over your weeds and kill off seedlings before they grow. Corn meal won’t affect your existing plants, but it won’t eliminate fully grown weeds either. Mix in a small amount of corn meal into your soil to transport fully grown or healthy plants or grass.