Winter is well on its way, making it the perfect time to give your lawn some TLC.

After a long, hot summer, fall is here at last, which means that winter is right around the corner. Sooner rather than later, your lawn is going to have to face shorter days with less sunlight and much colder temperatures. The only way to ensure that your lawn can survive the long, harsh winter is to give it a little bit of TLC in the fall, and luckily Green Turf is here to help. Here are a few fall lawn care tips that can help to get your lawn ready for winter:

#1. Remove any fallen leaves.

Almost no other time of the year can compete with the beauty of fall, and those yellow, brown and orange leaves play a huge role in that beauty. However lovely those leaves are, though, it’s important to rake them up or blow them away on a regular basis. Why? Because they block sunlight from getting to your lawn, and they also soak up the moisture that your lawn needs before it has a chance to seep into it. In short, leaving a bunch of leaves in your yard will only hurt your lawn.

#2. Continue cutting your grass, but make sure it’s the right height.

Did you know that your grass can continue to grow, even after the first hard frost has hit? Even though you may be tempted to store your lawn mower for the winter, your lawn will likely need to be mowed once or twice before you do. If you allow your grass to grow too much, it makes your lawn vulnerable to fungi, such as snow mold. However, it’s also important not to cut your lawn too short, because it can damage your lawn’s root system and impeded its ability to withstand the dry, cold air in the winter. Ideally, your grass should be between 2 1/2 to 3 inches long.

#3. Continue watering your lawn.

Many people stop watering their lawns when the temperature starts to cool down in the fall. And while it’s true that there is more dew and less evaporation in the fall, it’s often not enough to keep your lawn hydrated throughout the cold winter months. Throughout October, you’ll want to make sure that your lawn is getting an inch or more or water every week, which typically means that you’ll need to keep your irrigation system running. But, come November, make sure you get your irrigation system flushed and disconnected to prevent frozen spigots and pipes.

Taking the right steps in the fall can help your lawn to better survive the winter.

Winter is almost here, and once it’s over, you want your lawn to be beautiful and healthy once again, and the steps you take in the fall can help to ensure that happens. These are just a couple of the steps you should take to care for your lawn this fall, and if you would like to learn more, please stay tuned for our next blog. Until then, turn to the experts at Green Turf in Macungie for professional lawn care you can trust.