Lawn Care Tips – Removing Large Hop Clover

Large Hop Clover is also known as trifolium campestre and can often be confused with many other types of weed. If you live in Allentown this weed might be in your lawn.  It was first noticed in the Pennsylvania around the early 1800’s.  The large hop clover also goes by the other names of Field Clover or even Pinnate Hop Clovers. It is one of the most common winter type weeds, and can overtake your garden quickly. In order to kill off large hop clover, you can use our lawn care tips to treat your garden.

Most commonly found in lawns, gardens as well as open patches on your property, large hop clover can spread quickly. Trifolium campestre is common throughout much of the United States and it can thrive in cooler climates or periods of the year. If you find this clover in your backyard or lawn, use our lawn care tips to remove Large Hop Clover.

How to Kill Large Hop Clover – Lawn Care Tips

Identify – The key to removing any weed is identifying the problem before it really becomes one. When you notice this weed, you will note the hairy stems that are either green or reddish green in appearance. The leaves themselves of the large hop clover are smooth and hairless. There are multiple leaves that come in trios, and are also toothed from the middle of the leaf to the top.

Large Hop Clover blooms in bright yellow flowers that can grow in clusters. These clusters are found at the top of the stalks of the weed, and are attached to the stem at the axils.

Controlling the spread – By following your law care maintenance and keeping lawn health in mind, you can help curb the spread of this clover. Properly mow and water your lawn in order to create a dense lawn growth. With a dense lawn and deep roots, there’s little chance that large hop clover can spread to other areas of your backyard or lawn.

Because large hop clover has many seeds per pod, proper lawn care treatment is the best way to prevent the weed from spreading.

Removing large hop clover – By grabbing near the soil line and pulling up on the weed, you can pull these weeds out to eliminate them. However you run the serious risk of spreading the seeds when you pull them. That’s why the proper lawn care is imperative to success when you want the healthiest lawn in PA.

Professionals – When you’ve tried a few tactics in our lawn care guide, but Large Hop Clover has spread across your lawn you need professional help. Finding the best lawn service Allentown, PA has to offer can give you a professional and systemic weed control program. The professionals in your area know how to fight Large Hop Clover in your lawn.

Using a careful combination of herbicide and manual work, these weeds can eventually be removed from your lawn. The professional lawn service in Allentown, PA can thoroughly treat the weed, killing it completely root and all.

Contact the lawn service Allentown, PA has to offer for Large Hop Clover control options, and take your lawn back.