Lawn Care Tips for Allentown, PA – Lawn Burweed

Otherwise known as spurweed, this low profile winter weed is one tough customer. Lawn Burweed is found along the western coast and is extremely hardy. Lawn Burweed is so tough that it’s also common along the Central Valley and in high elevations. When you find yourself with a Lawn Burweed infestation, you’ll need the proper lawn care tips to remedy the situation.

Lawn Burweed is identified by its course leaves and sharp fruit. Left untreated this weed can become a hazard and painful to the touch. It’s especially important to take care of this troublesome weed when you have small children or toddlers in your home.

Lawn Care Tips – Lawn Burweed

Observation – Because Lawn Burweed can grow just about anywhere, the hardest part can be spotting it before it can spread. At home on turf as well as between pavement, this weed is incredibly hardy and can thrive anywhere. Because of this one of the biggest points to preventing infestation is to identify the weed.

Life Cycle – Lawn Burweed starts life as a seedling, which are shaped as narrow oval bulbs. These bulbs are fused at the base and will sprout leaves that look as though they are shaped like lances. These leaves will have hairs and tapered bases. It’s best to find and treat this weed as a seedling, before it reaches maturity.

As Lawn Burweed grows, the stems will become thicker and have dark splotches or purple spots along the base. Similar in appearance to Southern Brassbutton, the leaves of the Lawn Burweed go from lance shaped to palm shaped. The weed will grow and eventually bloom flowers that have the spiny heads that can cause discomfort when stepped on.

Treatment – Taking action right away to treat the lawn burweed is imperative. Because this weed spreads through the seeds present in the flower, you won’t want to waste any time. Lawn Burweed can be treated by removing the plant and spraying the roots, although you’ll need to carefully monitor the location to ensure it doesn’t return.

Because Lawn Burweed can make it’s home in pavement and hard to reach areas, it can spread quickly when not treated. Proper lawn care and maintenance requires a watchful eye to make sure that the weed does not spread.

Timing – Typical Burweed can spread quickly, especially when you fail to notice it. When you have an infestation, it can be difficult to rid yourself of this pest. Serious infestation can require the uprooting of your turf to remove Lawn Burweed.

Lawn Burweed can often be confused with Pineappleweed, or Southern brassbuttons. Taking the proper precautions and following the important lawn care steps can prevent the spread of this problematic weed. Use these lawn care tips to handle Lawn Burweed when it rears its ugly head, and keep your lawn looking fantastic.

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