How to Control Southern Brass Buttons

As a specific class of swinecress, Southern Brass Buttons is a weed that originates in Australia. It’s a low growing weed that shares a lot of similarities with others in the swinecress classification. Unlike it’s cousins, Southern Brass Buttons does not smell or take on a skunk like odor. It seeds through it’s long and narrow leaves and disperses the seeds in the lobes located under the stalks.

Southern Brass Buttons features smallish flowers that are small and yellow in color. These flowers cluster on top of the long stalks in the weed. They are bulbish in shape, which often leads people into confusing it with lawn burweed. The Southern Brass Buttons plant usually blooms in spring although they can last well into summer. When these weeds are left unchecked the leaves are covered in short hairs and can make it difficult to remove the weed.

The weed produces two distinct styles of seedpod, which can really ruin your garden. One is egg shaped while the other is slightly tapered around the edges. Both pods feature a singular seed that has glandlike hairs on both sides.

Although the weed originates in Australia, it’s commonly found in California as well as along the coast of Washington. The leaves of the Southern Brass Buttons weed not only make it difficult to remove, but can spread the weed over your garden quickly. This is why it’s important to spot and treat the weed to prevent further infestation.

Tips to Control Southern Brass Buttons

Once you see that this weed could potentially become a problem, make sure to root it out and remove all traces of it. This may include digging deep into your soil for any broken stem or root traces. When you have removed the Southern Brass Buttons, you should use a weed control herbicide that’s designed to be a pre-emergent style of deterrent.

Follow the instructions on the weed control product you choose, but most of these kinds of herbicides call for you to water after treatment. This allows the chemicals to seep into the soil and prevent any future occurrence of the Southern Brass Buttons weeds. Although this weed can be found in any garden, they are also common in agricultural plots and land as well.

Most of these infestations come from unmanaged property or a garden that’s just been overgrown. Problems with this weed can often frustrate lawn care professionals and those who are actively trying to maintain the grass or garden. When looking for the best weed control in Allentown, PA 18102, call Green Turf Care to help keep your lawn care ahead of the game!