Get Rid of Hairy Galinsoga with Proper lawn care – Allentown, PA

One of the tougher annual weeds in America is called the Hairy Galinsoga. Known to thrive in sunny areas and in any soil condition, this weed can also invade your garden or lawn. Without the right level of lawn care, you may end up with a huge infestation of weeds. That’s why you need the best guideline to manage your grass with the lawn care it deserves.

Hairy Galinsoga weeds prefer a rich, moist soil and can be problematic in vegetable gardens as well as lawns. This weed is also just as comfortable setting in your lawn as well. Found in gardens it can significantly reduce the yield of your vegetable plants and kill off flowers. That’s why you need the right gardening tips and lawn care to eliminate the chance of Hairy Galinsoga taking root.

Lawn Care Tips to Remove Hairy Galinsoga

Characteristics of Hairy Galinsoga – Being able to spot this weed is the first challenge, and it’s easily done through a few obvious indicators. When Hairy Galinsoga is mature, the leaves can range from oval to triangular and can have several large, coarse teeth at the edges. This weed can feature tall branched stems that are usually green, and with a tinge of red.

The leaves and the stem of the Hairy Galinsoga are usually covered in fine white hairs. When mature weeds droop and touch the ground, they usually root and take on a new weed. This weed flowers in a yellow disc, which feature between four and five triple lobed petals.

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Tips to remove Hairy Galinsoga – When manually pulling this weed up, you need to be mindful of the seeds. The seeds are produced in flushes and can drop from the flowers of Hairy Galinsoga. Because this weed can produce over 7,500 seeds per plant, it’s important to keep these seeds from falling.

When pulling up on this weed, there’s not much chance of removing it cleanly. The roots of Hairy Galinsoga are fibrous and can break off in the soil. Leaving taproot can result in the weed growing back in place.

Lawn Care Tips to eliminating Hairy Galinsoga – The best approach to getting rid of this weed is taking action as soon as possible. Having the ability to catch the weed as a sapling gives you the best chance at removal. When young it’s easier to uproot and remove the weed. Although most weeds can be properly controlled by mowing, it’s not recommended for Hairy Galinsoga.

Mowing your lawn will result in this weed becoming larger and bushier, so it’s best to remove it ahead of time. Cutting or mowing down this weed gets the weed to produce more flower heads and branches, which isn’t what you want.

When all else fails, turn to the professional over the counter products that are based on Glyphosate. Products like Round-Up can control Hairy Galinsoga, but it can also harm or damage your existing plants or grass. Make sure to read and follow the manufacturer instructions carefully to prevent complications.