This week in our lawn maintenance discussion, we will introduce more tips for getting that ideal lawn. In our most recent installment in this lawn service series, we talked about your how to avoid putting your lawn through stressful conditions. This week we will concentrate on getting a thicker lawn through aeration and overseeding. These are two very popular and basic methods to growing a thick, lush lawn. Let’s take a look at these strategies:

  • Aeration Is Your Friend – This allows for more nutrients and water to get to down to your soil, where it is needed. Since you are now firm believers in overseeding, you will want to aerate before you overseed so you can get those little seeds down in there.
  • Overseeding Beats Weeding – One of the best and most natural ways to beat the weeds is to put the squeeze on them by growing a thick, rich lawn. When you overseed your lawn, you not only replenish it with fresh, stronger grass, but you also eliminate the area left for weeds to grow. Preventing weeds from growing beats digging them out any day. However, it’s still good to get down there on all fours and find those pesky little weeds before they become eyesores.

Overseeding and aeration are important lawn maintenance strategies to get your grass looking green and feeling thick. Next week, our lawn maintenance blog series continues as we introduce a few more strategies to put in your lawn service tool belt.