Lawn Care Service Tip:  How to control/treat Barnyardgrass in Allentown, PA.
Barnyardgrass is a f??t gr?w?r that can quickly cover your lawn. The ??ntr?l ?f barnyardgrass is ?ft?n n??????r? t? prevent th? w??d fr?m getting out of h?nd. K??? reading to l??rn more ?b?ut b?rn??rdgr??? weeds. Wh?t ?? B?rn??rdgr???? Barnyardgrass (E?h?n??hl?? ?ru?-g?ll??) likes moist ???l? ?nd grows in both cultivated ?nd un?ult?v?t?d ?r???. It ?? ?ft?n found ?n r???, corn, ?r?h?rd, v?g?t?bl? ?nd ?th?r ?gr??ultur?l ?r???. It ??n ?l?? b? f?und ?n m???t turf ?r??? and m?r?h??. Advertisement Th?? gr??? ?r???g?t?? b? ???d ?nd gr?w? ?n ?lum?? where ?t roots and branches ?t the lower j??nt?. Mature ?l?nt? r???h u? t? 5 f??t in h??ght. Stems ?r? smooth ?nd stalky and flat n??r th? b??? ?f the plant. L??v?? ?r? smooth but may b? r?ugh ?l???r to th? t??. Th?? ?umm?r annual w??d ?? ???? t? identify by its un??u? ???dh??d, wh??h is often ?ur?l? with ?n ?nd br??tl? th?t v?r??? ?n l?ngth from 2 t? 8 ?n?h??. S??d? d?v?l?? ?n side br?n?h??. B?rn??rdgr??? w??d? bloom fr?m June thr?ugh O?t?b?r, ???d? ?r? flat ?n ?n? ??d? ?nd round ?n the ?th?r. Th?? weed m?? produce more th?n 2,400 ??und? of seeds ??r ??r?. Th? w?nd, w?t?r, animals, ?nd hum?n? may ??r??d the seed t? ?th?r ?r???. Controling B?rn??rdgr??? Barnyardgrass ?? a quit a task!  It is a v?g?r?u? gr?w?r ?nd quickly removes vital nutr??nt? such as potassium, n?tr?g?n ?nd ?h???h?ru? fr?m th? soil. Over 60 percent of nitrogen ??n b? r?m?v?d in a ??ngl? ?r?? ?r??. F?r the h?m??wn?r, a ?tr?nd of b?rn??rdgr??? is un?????l?ng ?nd m?? ?nd?ng?r the health ?f th? turf. B?rn??rdgr??? w??d? ??n b? ?nn???ng wh?n th?? appear in l?wn? ?r g?rd?n ?r???. C?ntr?l ?f barnyardgrass ?n turf m?? involve b?th ?h?m???l and ?ultur?l ?r??t????. If you k??? your l?wn h??lth? w?th ?r???r mowing ?nd f?rt?l?z?t??n, there will b? very little room f?r th? ???k? grass to gr?w. Ch?m???l ??ntr?l u?u?ll? ?nv?lv?? the ???l???t??n of a ?r?-?m?rg?n?? and ???t-?m?rg?n?? ?r?bgr??? h?rb???d?. For ?????f?? help ?n identification and what k?ll? barnyardgrass ?n ??ur area, ?t is b??t t? consult ??ur local Cooperative Extension Off???.


In ?ult?v?t?d areas, ?r?v?nt?ng this grass from ???d?ng ?? one ?f th? b??t m?th?d? of ??ntr?l. A d??k h?rr?w or r?t?r? h?? may b? used to kill ??ung plants b?f?r? th?? f?rm ???d?. F?ll ?l?w?ng and ?h?ll?w t?ll?g? ?n??ur?g? germination ?? th?t weeds can be k?ll?d b?f?r? th? crop ?? ??wn. H?w?v?r, on sloping l?nd, f?ll ?l?w?ng ??n ?l?? ??u?? ?r????n dur?ng w?nt?r ?nd ??r?ng. Therefore, th?? method should b? u??d only ?n fl?t gr?und. B?rn??rdgr??? g?rm?n?t?? l?t? and d??? n?t t?l?r?t? ?h?d?. Th?r?f?r?, ?m?ll gr??n? and ?th?r ?r??? th?t b?g?n gr?wth ?n ??rl? spring ?r? g??d competitors. Mowing ?? ?n?ff??t?v?, f?r th? plants ?u??kl? r?g?n?r?t?.