Before you know it, it will be time to put your sweaters and blankets away and dig deep into your drawer to find your landscaping clothes. Here at GreenTurf, your trusted Macungie lawn maintenance team, we love feeling the warm sunshine and getting our hands dirty. Add these five landscaping tips into your spring project plans to improve the appearance of your property, increase the value of your home and – best of all – make your neighbors jealous!

1. Clean up! This is the most important step in preparing for those spring lawn projects. Pick up all branches that may have fallen during the winter, leaves and debris that may be on the lawn, in the garden or beds, and clean up the area you are preparing to work with.

2. Plant and feed! If you plan on planting new grass seed or installing sod, make sure you do not apply any pre-emergent with the early spring lawn treatment. If you plan on waiting until the fall to do your annual grass planting or sod installation, then we advise you to apply a crabgrass barrier pre-emergent plus fertilizer to the lawn. Have us test your soil before planting any plants and garden vegetables.

3. Sharpen your mower blades! If you winterized your lawn mower and didn’t sharpen the mower blades, sharpen them now. Sharp blades cut your grass instead of ripping it out.

4. Set a higher mowing height! Make sure to mow your grass high.

5. Mulch! Apply a 4-inch layer of fresh mulch over all beds to help reduce the amount of weeds that will pop up. Hand pull or carefully spray a glyphosate product on any weeds that have emerged after mulching.