Lawn Service Tips in Allentown, PA – Mouse Ear Chickweed

One of the many variations of chickweed, Mouse Ear Chickweed can infest your lawn in no time. Without the right lawn care tips to help curb the infestation, you could be left with a serious problem. If you find your lawn overgrown with mouse ear chickweed, you can also turn to the best lawn service Allentown, PA can offer. When you want to kill this chickweed, you can use the lawn care guidelines below to handle your problem.

These weeds are also known as cerastium vulgatum, and it’s a cool-season perennial. This chickweed is easily identified by it’s mat-forming growth. This lawn weed can be found in all areas of the United States and can thrive in moist areas with high sunlight exposure. Removing chickweed is easy to do if you take action early.

When you’ve got chickweed problems, they are nothing that our lawn care tips can’t help you control. Use the following tips to rid yourself of this problematic weed.

How to Remove Chickweed – Lawn Service Tips

Removal – Mouse-ear chickweed is a shallow rooted weed, making it relatively easy to remove. By grabbing near the soil line and gently pulling upwards, you can uproot the entire weed. When removing mouse-ear chickweed, you want to take care to removing the entire taproot.

Identification – Like any weed, the proper identification is important so that you can take action right away. Mouse-ear chickweed is easily spotted through it’s small and hairy green leaves and dense mat forming growth. The tiny white flowers appear in the spring. The flowers have five deeply lobed petals – like common chickweed – that look like ten petals.

Lawn Care – One of the biggest tips to rid yourself of Mouse-ear chickweed, is proper lawn care. Having a healthy, well managed lawn keeps these weed seeds at bay and prevents them from taking root. The Mouse-ear chickweed seeds need proper soil to take root. When your lawn is healthy and properly taken care of, it can help choke out this problematic Mouse-ear chickweed.

Take Action – Mouse-ear chickweed like many other weeds can spread quickly. In fact chickweed is a heavy seeder that can produce from 10,000 to 15,000 seeds per plant. Because of this fast growing weed property, you need to take the right lawn care tips to eliminate this chickweed.

Deep watering – Your lawn needs deep roots to prevent the spreading of this weed. That’s why you should deep water your lawn to help curb the Mouse-ear chickweed from taking root. Use these tips to kill off chickweed and keep your lawn looking healthy.

When these tips don’t seem to help your infestation, look up the best lawn service Allentown, PA has. These professionals can come and handle your weeds to make your garden or lawn look it’s best. If you don’t want a problem with this weed, take action now to identify, remove and treat your lawn today.