Large Patch – What Is It, the First Symptoms of This Lawn Disease & How to Prevent It

The lawn disease large patch can quickly destroy the beauty of your lawn, and you surely don’t want that! Learn more about what large patch is exactly, how you can notice the symptoms and how to prevent this lawn disease!

Introduction to Large Patch Lawn Disease

Large patch is caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia solani and demands serious control strategies. Usually, this lawn disease starts to develop when temperatures decline in the fall to 70 °F, however, the first symptoms don’t necessarily appear at that time. This disease is definitely favored by wet conditions and cool temperatures and can be severe in over fertilized and poorly drained turf. Commonly, patches start to appear in early or mid-October.

Patches begin as discolored and circular areas. You may notice sometimes, the borders of the patches are orange, which means that the disease is active. At that time, the orange border includes newly infected leaves and plants where the lower ones are just beginning to die as the fungus attacks and destroys the leaf sheath. The patches are commonly from 2 to 3 feet in diameter, but keep in mind that they can expand in size very quickly up to 10 feet or sometimes more in diameter.

How to Prevent Large Patch from Destroying Your Lawn

One of the possible ways to prevent large patch in your lawn is by taking proper lawn care. This is proven to be much easier and cheaper. Here are few helpful tips:

  • Avoid high doses of nitrogen fertilizer in the summer or late spring on cool-season grasses.
  • Irrigate the grass only when it is necessary and to a depth from 4 to 6 inches, but make sure not to expose your lawn to dryness.
  • Ensure not to spread this lawn disease to other areas.
  • Keep your lawn mowed to a proper height on a regular basis in order to the grass species to grow.
  • Make sure to provide good drainage for both subsurface and surface areas.

Get Professional Lawn Care Assistance

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