Great lawn care in Macungie can be a dicey topic because one year everything can go smoothly while the next year your lawn can look like you planted weeds on purpose. All the while, you did the exact same thing both years. That’s how it goes sometimes with lawns. However, there are some things that you can do to give yourself that top lawn look. We have put together this series of lawn maintenance tips that can help you regardless of your level of involvement in lawn care. We are breaking them into five segments so as to not overwhelm you all at once. You will see everything in here from aeration to weed kill. We talk about overseeding, over-watering, and under-cutting.

  • One Direction Is Not A Good Mowing Philosophy – Changing your mowing pattern each week will enable the blades of grass to stand up, which reduces areas that don’t get cut properly from repeatedly getting run over in the same direction.
  • Mow Your Lawn Once A Week – Unless the lawn is undergoing a time of stress like intense heat or drought, the lawn needs to be mowed once per week. This promotes thicker growth that, among other things, squeezes out the weeds.

That does it for our first entry of lawn care tips. The following blog entries will have more depth in the lawn care tips as they won’t need to introduce the blog series. We are excited to run this series of tips and hope you find it helpful in your pursuit of the perfect lawn.