Green Turf is beginning to make a name for itself.  With a high priority in customer satisfaction backed by our unbelievable guarantee.  The Green Turf team is changing on lawn at a time in Macungie.

Picture the most weed infested lawn in the neighbor.  There are dandelions and crabgrass everywhere.  Most companies would say that it appears the lawn is absolutely impossible to repair.  Over the years, we have seen a lot of lawns.  Weeds do not scare us.  With the proven products in our lawn care service program; Green Turf is confident that we can transform a weed zone into a beautiful, healthy lawn.   Most lawn care companies offer tips and advice but actually do not know what to change in a lawn.  Here in this local, family owned lawn care company in Macungie, we are producers.  We do not have a choice…we will pull it off.

The evidence is in our happy customers.  Feel free to check out our testimonial page to see what thrilled homeowners are saying about our lawn care program.  Trust me…you will be impressed!  Potential clients call us and ask about our service.  They begin by explaining the frustrations that they are having with the lawn.  Although on our end it might seem like an impossible task, we commit to servicing the property.  After a clear explanation and the realistic outcome, Green Turf is able to assure the homeowner that their lawn is in good hands.

The reason why we tackle the tough properties is because we have done it over and over again.  We have figured it out.  We know what it takes to give you the lawn of your dreams.  Here is what one of our valued clients said about his lawn.  Something else that we are finding is that most lawns that are being neglected are actually using a lawn care service provider.  Yes, you read it right.  They are paying someone to do it and the lawn looks horrible.  Large nationwide companies and small companies that have no training are not giving homeowners the green grass that they want.

What is the key to finding a lawn care company in Macungie that is doing phenomenal work?  The key is to look at their approach, method, service and guarantee.

Green Turf Care LLC in Macungie, PA is ready and willing to take the necessary steps to make you happy.  When we see a problem in a lawn, we know the solution.  Why is this?  Because our team is focused.  Since we only treat lawns and specialize in our category we out perform our competitors.

Now is the time to be one of our clients.  We make it absolutely easy to start up service.