Identifying Dollarweed and Removal through Lawn Service – Allentown, PA

Also known as Pennywort, the Dollarweed is a common weed problem. This can be especially true when you live in warm climates or areas near the coast. Because of the moisture and the warmth, the Dollarweed can sneak up and take over your lawn before you know it. That’s why you need the right level of lawn service to properly identify and remove this pesky weed.

When there’s an excess level of moisture in your garden, it’s the perfect breeding ground for Pennywort. This weed can be compounded by bad drainage issues or overwatering your garden. Extra moisture can also cause an infestation of Dollarweed / Pennywort, especially in bad soil or poor ground conditions. Learn how to control dollar weed in your yard through these lawn service tips below.

How to Identify Dollarweed

This coastal weed gets its name from the large round leaves it’s identified by. These petals can also look shiny which can look like coins. Pennywort can also commonly be confused or misidentified as dichondra. In order to distinguish dichondra between dollarweed, you’ll need to look at the leaves.

Dollarweed’s leaves have stems that grow out of the center of the leaf, where dichondra grows from the edge. Either way, this weed can eliminate the chance of your grass growing properly, and overtake your ground cover in short order.

Controlling dollarweed with lawn service

Lawn care and the right level of lawn service is the only way to prevent dollarweed from taking over your lawn. This is because dollarweed can spread through roots as well as seeds. The fact that this weed spreads and overtakes ground cover by underground roots makes it especially troublesome.

If you want to remove dollarweed and prevent the onset of this troublesome weed, here’s a few guidelines on how to get started.

Watering – The main cause of dollarweed is when you overwater your lawn. Pools of water or highly saturated areas of your grass can make it really difficult to deal with pennywort. This can be caused by your overwatering schedule, or due to poor soil drainage conditions. Either way you’ll need to curb the water in your lawn before beginning to deal with dollarweed.

Use a rain gauge to make sure your lawn is receiving one inch of water per week. If you find that your water levels are higher than this, reduce irrigation to keep your lawn from becoming soggy which encourages dollarweed growth.

Lawn Service – Professionals that are trained with superior lawn service techniques can enrichen your yard and grass condition. If dollarweed is taking over your lawn, you’ll need the proper lawn care tips to reclaim your property. The first thing to do is to improve your grass health. The sign of dollarweeds in your lawn means that your grass is in poor condition, and needs to be brought back to health.

Being able to identify why your grass is unhealthy is the first step of progress. Learn how to deal with your grass using these tips to help your lawn grow back to health. There’s a wide range of diseases or problems that can deal a blow to your lawn health. Use lawn service to deal with insect infestations or resolve soil problems to maintain proper mowing height and lawn care maintenance.

Removal – Removing dollarweed manually is easy to do, but removing all of the roots isn’t. Make sure to apply herbicides after you do your best in removing the weed in question. Use these guidelines of lawn service to help curb the onset of pennywort or dollarweed in your lawn.