How to Control Broadleaf Plantain in Emmaus, PA.

One of the most healthiest and difficult to remove weeds, the Broadleaf Plantain is a plant that crops up during the warmer months of the year. This wild weed is plentiful and can also be consumed as a medicinal remedy to common ailments, it’s a problem that many gardens would rather not have. The Broadleaf Plantain has several distinguishing characteristics from the broad, egg-shaped leaves to the thick string like stems.

These leaves can range anywhere between 10 to 30 cm in length and larger specimens can contain veins. When trying to contain or prevent the onset of Broadleaf Plantain, the proper measures in lawn care and garden maintenance are imperative. After the dandelion, this weed is one of the most common weeds because of it’s robust nature and it excels in almost any condition.

It can sprout up just as easily in the cracks of roads as well as the moist soil in your garden. This makes the incredibly hardy Broadleaf Plantain weed hard to remove and especially hard to prevent. Because the Broadleaf Plantain has a thick taproot, it’s one of those garden weeds that keeps coming back no matter what you throw at it.

Eliminating the Broadleaf Plantain

Although there are many benefits of this weed, the Broadleaf Plantain is considered by most garden keepers as a pesky weed that won’t go away. To get rid of this weed, you’ll need to completely remove it as well as the taproot, which can be quite thick. The leaves and stems are stringy, much like celery and can make it difficult for you to get a grasp on them.

During the summer months these weeds may be easier to remove as they aren’t quite mature and lack the wide leaves and thick roots. Once you see these long flowers begin to bloom from the base of the weed, you’ve got to be careful because the seed pods are held within. These small pod housings are dark in color and can quickly spread if you don’t take care, or even worse mow right over them.

Once you’ve got the Broadleaf Plantain weed removed, you can begin to treat the soil with a pre-emerging herbicide. These chemicals can seep into the soil, killing off any remnants of the Broadleaf Plantain roots at their core. It’s best to water after you apply the treatment to ensure that the weed stopping chemicals reach their intended target.

Of course the best weed control measures you can employ is a carefully constructed lawn care plan. By carefully following this plan, you can easily and quickly identify these culprits and proactively remove them to prevent your garden or lawn from being overrun. Have any questions on lawn service or weed control in Emmaus, PA 18104? Use these tips above to take control of your garden and optimize your lawn care tactics.