How To Choose The Right Lawn Care Service in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Let’s face it – hiring professional lawn care services in Allentown, Pennsylvania is nowadays more than just a trend. It seems like as soon as it starts to get beautiful outside again and the temperature is right, lawn care and maintenance is quickly rising to the top of the mind of most homeowners.

Another fact is that the United States is becoming a much greener space. There are houses everywhere, and they are all growing quickly. According to a study by Ohio State University, there are more than 80 million home lawns across the US, with a few thousands in Allentown alone.

But why is lawn care in Allentown important in the first place?

Why Choosing The Right Lawn Care Provider In Allentown Is Important

There are many advantages of professional lawn care. Basically, choosing a lawn care provider in Allentown will let you save both time and money while providing an excellent service. It goes without saying that professional lawn care is nowadays not even close to the DIY tools and methods.

For example, choosing a professional lawn company will allow you to get the lawn of your dreams. You won’t have to worry about applying products at the right rate or over-spraying a weed control product too much. I’m sure you have burnt your lawn right? A professional lawn care company will eliminate weeds, apply fertilizers and aerate the grass.

Therefore, the benefits of hiring a professional lawn care company in Allentown include:

The Right Expertise

The importance of professional lawn care and its value can be best seen after a few weeks in the lawn itself. It all begins to sync in, look beautiful and pays itself over time. With professional lawn care, you will never have to worry about bare spots in the lawn again, weeds or pests. You will have more time to devote to your job or even care for your lawn and the small details like its decor, look etc.

So in a nutshell, caring for and maintaining a healthy lawn requires decent knowledge. No matter how many lawn care articles you read and how many lawn care tools you have in your garage – the perfect lawn is difficult to achieve and in most times, the experts come in handy.

It Saves You Time

It is true that professional lawn services in Allentown save you time. Since lawn care requires a lot of time and dedication, if you have tried to do it yourself you probably know how big of a pain it may be in the long run. From the physical work to the constant shopping list of tools, equipment and materials, one of the many benefits of professional lawn care is that it saves you time.

In a nutshell, lawn care services are experienced and can produce and maintain your beautiful lawn while you devote all your time to relaxing, spending time with your family or doing other tasks on your to-do list.

It Is Cost Effective

Hiring a professional lawn care provider does not only save you time – it also saves you money. There are some people that think that lawn care services in Allentown are overpriced and a waste of money.

However, if you see all of the tasks that need to be performed so your lawn looks great – including fertilizing, aerating, seeding, weeding and more – you will instantly come to a conclusion that each of them takes time and resources. Simply put, the cost of the right products, tools and equipment needed to maintain your lawn puts a dent in everyone’s wallet. And that is why the cost of professional lawn care services is nowhere near the cost of doing it yourself, purchasing all of those resources and spending that extra money you have on the equipment needed for it to look great.

It Lets Homeowners Stop Problems Before They Start

One of the greatest benefits of professional lawn care in Allentown is the fact that along with the time it saves, it also prevents problems from rising before they actually start. In short, lawn care professionals are trained to spot an issue before it actually starts.

The issues can include diseases, pests, weeds and improper maintenance that may take you weeks to spot yourself – and even then – it might be too late. So, stopping these issues before they get worse is important to your lawn and once again, saves you time, money and the agony of having your beautiful lawn damaged.

It Adds Value To Your Home

Are you planning to sell your home?

If yes, whether now or in the future, a professional lawn service in Allentown can be your best partner in selling it at the best price possible. The reason for that is obvious – one of the first things that homebuyers see when viewing your home include the appearance of your lawn. A healthy and attractive lawn goes a long way – and can raise the value of your home so that you can increase its selling price but also sell your property more quickly.

The bottom line of all these benefits is that they are designed to go in line with your lawn. Just like you choose cleaning contractors for your home, you should equally choose lawn care contractors in Allentown as the best way to save time, money and always keep your lawn fresh – especially in the spring or summer.

Now that you know the benefits of great lawn care services in Allentown, let’s help you choose the best company for your needs. We are doing that in the step by step guide below.

The 4-Step Guide To Choosing The Best Allentown Lawn Care Service

Nowadays, having a lawn service take care of your lawn is not anymore considered a privilege. Instead, it is a common need and a practice of many homeowners who are not only lacking time – but also want the very best for their lawn.

Even though a lot of people claim that lawn care services in Allentown can be expensive, the truth is that there are different lawn care providers and more importantly, different lawn care services that can cater to your needs and budget. So, if you are on a tight budget, you can still consider professional lawn care instead of making it an obstacle for you.

Step 1: Consider All Of The Types Of Lawn Care – And Look For The Most Affordable Packages

There is an old adage when it comes to choosing providers regarding your home – that most of the times – you get what you pay for. However, today’s plethora of lawn care services in Allentown goes beyond the expectations of every home owner. In other words, there are tons of different services. From organic to synthetic and regular lawn care, each lawn care program is offering a tad different approach than the others.

That is why you should carefully examine all of your options and even if you want to do your own fertilizing, that is okay. However, opting out for certain treatments is always the best case scenario, and a good lawn care company usually provides that service in packages as well as ‘a la carte’ as a separate service.

Speaking of packages, they can be a great way to save in the long run and get the best value for your money. Usually, most of the lawn care specialists in Allentown are positioning themselves as the all-in-one solution for your lawn, making it easy to maintain your lawn at a flat fee.

So, it is clear that the first and foremost thing you should do is to consider all the options and put them on the table.

Step 2: Is Lawn Care A Problem To You – Your Pocket – Or Your Home?

One of the many perspectives people have regarding lawn care includes the potential material resources – the equipment and tools – that they need in case they reserve some tasks for themselves.

In other words, maintaining your lawn care can be a relaxing experience. However, it can be a costly one as well, especially if you lack the right equipment or your existing one is getting outdated. So, if you are wondering what is the best option at this point, you should know if:

  • your equipment and tools are in good shape and don’t need a replacement soon
  • whether caring for your lawn frustrates you – or relaxes you
  • would you feel different if you had better quality tools or more specialized ones
  • the condition of your lawn – is it good now – or needs a better approach?
  • the adequate storage space works for you and your tools

Basically, when you sum up all of your answers, you may get a clearer picture regarding your lawn and the best way to take care of it. For example, if you need new tools, find caring for your lawn frustrating and are concerned about its future – maybe the best way is to outsource lawn care to a professional in Allentown.

Step 3: Investigate The Lawn Care Providers In Allentown – And Start From Your Needs

Having an affordable package does not mean that you have chosen the best lawn care company in Allentown. Instead, it means that you found a nice offer. However, the best lawn care companies are not easy to find, which is why you should always do your research.

Speaking of which…

You can definitely start from your needs. To do that, you should start asking yourself the following questions:

  • What type of lawn care do I need?
  • Where do I need the most assistance?
  • Do I want to turn over complete responsibility to someone else and have nothing to do?
  • I want to pick and choose which tasks to retain and what to pay?

The truth is, there are tons of services regarding Allentown lawn care – and the best case scenario is to choose a lawn care provider that will cover them all. The list of services is really long, including

  • mowing
  • edging
  • fertilizing
  • bug or disease treatments
  • lawn aeration or de-thatching
  • irrigation system maintenance and repair
  • planting or reseeding
  • trimming of shrubs/hedges
  • mulching
  • clean-ups
  • hauling

and a lot more.

The only reason we have listed all of these services and the questions above is to help you realize what you need – but also help you see if these services are included in the lawn care providers you are investigating. All of these factors should influence your approach to lawn care services and help you reflect on the options.

Step 4: Putting Your Choices On The Table

Last but not the least is the step where you put all of your choices and concessions on the table. If you are considering the various yard tasks as frustrating, you have come to a conclusion that you need a professional lawn care company. However, not every company is the same – and the best way to judge one is by looking at the following factors.

First of all, you should make sure to see if the lawn care service you choose examines the current health and condition of your lawn and creates a unique treatment plan in order to improve your lawn’s look, health and maintain it in the long run. Most of the popular lawn care services in Allentown nowadays provide that, regardless of the seasonal changes or unpredictable weather.

Second of all is the fertilization. In case you missed the point, lawn care services in Allentown are all about keeping your grass lush, green and beautiful. This provides instant curb appeal and is best done when the right nutrients are used, such as nitrogen, phosphorus etc.

Another key aspect you should consider is insect and weed control. A lot of the great lawn care companies have this covered in their lawn care program.

Have You Chosen The Best Lawn Care Service In Allentown Yet?

Whether you have selected a lawn care company that excels in all of the above services and has great reviews on their website and social channels – or not – it is safe to say that lawn care is a complex science nowadays. However, many homeowners rely on trial and error and they constantly get frustrated by shifting through different providers.

That is how important choosing the right lawn care specialists in Allentown is – and how the right training, experience and obviously price can help you in the long run, giving your lawn a place to breathe, be healthy and increase your curb appeal.

Now, there are many tricks performed by most of the lawn care specialists nowadays. In order to help you minimize them, we are listing some of the most common ones you should always be careful about when choosing a lawn care provider.

Last But Not The Least: 5 Things To Be Aware Of When Talking To Your Lawn Specialist

Okay, at this point you have chosen the best lawn care company according to the research and all the steps we listed above. However, that doesn’t mean that you should put your legs up and relax. Instead, there are still some small things that can frustrate you, and tricks up the sleeves of lawn care companies that you should know.

Below, we are listing the most common ones.

1. ‘The more often you use us, the more often you need us’

This is an example of a typical upsell from your ‘favorite’ lawn service. The truth is, lawn services nowadays tend to mow too frequently when there is no need for it – only to drain your wallet and keep the bills coming.

What you should know is that your grass needs constant care, but not so constant so that the grass is too short. The right length is around 3-4 inches, no matter what your lawn provider tells you.

2. ‘You pay more than your neighbor does’

The biggest factor in the price of lawn care is obviously the size of the lawn. One of the best ways to save for the entire lawn care program you choose is to pre-pay for it. However, not every lawn company offers this as a possibility, which is why you should ask and get your bargain.

After all, you don’t want your neighbor to pay less than you for the same lawn, right?

3. ‘We don’t test well’

A lawn care service in Allentown that does not test well is one you should instantly get rid of. The truth is, testing is the initial phase of every lawn care treatment process. There is no guessing in lawn care – but advanced testing based on the health of your lawn.

Instead of drawing conclusions based on the soil in your area, you should get a specialist that has the time – and knows how to test your ground and provide a detailed plan for its health and maintenance.

4. ‘We are going to need more fertilizers’

There is a big buzz when it comes to fertilizers nowadays, and how much of them should go on our lawns. As you probably don’t know, excess fertilizer can go down into the storm drains, streams and lakes which promotes pollution, growth of algae and depleting oxygen for plants and fish.

That is why everyone should be careful when it comes to fertilizers – and how much of them is the right. In fact, there is a big initiative to eliminate the phosphorus and reduce the nitrogen content in all of the lawn fertilizers and ban their use between November 15th and March 1st each year – just because of these facts.

5. ‘Chemicals can cost you in other ways’

Besides mowing and fertilizing. the average lawn care service in Allentown will try to get most from you with its array of services. One of them is herbicide-based weed control, which can result in acidic soil – and a service that is promoted as an ‘easy fix’.

Well sometimes the ‘easy and quick fix’ is not the right way to go, which is why you should not fall for every chemical used out there. Being aggressive with chemicals is a practice that has its own consequences and one that may damage your lawn.

A Final Word

In the end, taing care of your lawn can be a chore. So, if you’d rather leave it up to someone else, you should always choose a professional in that industry. Lawn care services in Allentown are not a privilege nowadays – people need them to ensure that their lawn is healthy and well-maintained, and potentially increase the price of their homes.

However, lawn care is not only needed when a house is up for sale. It is a constant and never-ending process that every homeowners should consider. The best way to kick it off is to see what your choices are, whether they live up to your pocket, to what standards they adhere and finally, whether they offer you a customized lawn maintenance plan.

If you ticked out all of the above mentioned factors and steps and agreed on the best price for all the services included, you are on a great way to having a healthy lawn. Still, choosing the ‘right’ company does not mean getting rid of your lawn for long. Instead, you should always be practical and see if the choice you have made is worth it.

After all, it is your lawn we are talking about – right?

Need an expert lawn care service in Allentown? Contact us today and see our approach!