How Henbit can Change your Lawn Service Needs – Allentown, PA

Your lawn service needs could change drastically, especially when weeds begin to invade your grass. Where your lawn care needs typically included mowing your grass and other landscaping services, those change with the growth of Henbit weeds. One of the more common annual weeds that can be found throughout the United States, Henbit is invasive and can ruin the look of your yard.

The Henbit seedling can first appear during the warming months of spring time. After germinating in the winter or fall, Henbit can set in and bloom by early summer. They typically don’t last in hotter climates or regions however. If your lawn is thin, or lacking in health there’s a good chance you need to change your lawn service to eliminate Henbit.

Changes to your Lawn Service because of Henbit

If you have a regular schedule of lawn care, or have a professional lawn service helping your yard, you can remove the infestation of Henbit with some careful planning. However when weeds invade your lawn, you need to make some changes. Changes to your lawn service can help you find the best solution to eliminate Henbit completely.

Before you know how to change up your lawn service, you need to know the Henbit warning signs. Here’s a quick rundown on how to identify the pesky Henbit weed.

Henbit Characteristics – This weed grows throughout the spring and blooms in summertime. Henbit blooms with a green squarish stem with purplish tinges to it. The leaves are heart shaped and can have rounded teeth along the edges. Henbit flowers in whorls at the tops of the stems, before spreading seeds to the surrounding areas of the weed.

Henbit plants can produce 2,000 seed or more, which makes lawn service vital. Most often the Henbit weed can be confused with purple deadnettle.

Lawn Service Changes

  • Less Water – Don’t overdo the watering of your lawn. If you have a lawn care schedule, consider adjusting your schedule. Weeds thrive on overwatering in grass and lawns, so make sure to water less to eliminate the chance of Henbit setting in.
  • Mowing regularly – Keeping your grass at proper height helps recycle nutrients back into the soil, and deepens the roots of your healthy grass. This keeps weed at bay, because there’s simply no space to allow for Henbit to grow.
  • Professional lawn service – There are many services out there that can help you eliminate and remove Henbit. This can come in handy especially when you don’t want to deal with the problem or don’t want to use herbicides. Most lawn service companies have staff that’s well equipped to properly remove weeds before they can spread.

Henbit weeds can be dealt with by using  herbicides, but if you are addressing weeds in your garden it’s important to use care. Excessive use of herbicides can contaminate soil and cause problems with other plants.