Selective herbicides are products that control or suppress different plant species without harming the growth of desirable plants.   If your lawn in Emmaus has weeds in it, Green Turf will use a turf herbicide that is selective. Most all of the broadleaf herbicides are good examples of selective herbicides because they will not injure the lawn when applied.

Anytime selective herbicides are used, make sure that you are aware of the conditions that surround you. Is the turf stressed from heat, drought, low mowing or other factors? Always use the correct rate of product, understand the environmental conditions, plan for the perfect application timing, and identify the species and cultivar being treated. In simple terms, if you use too much herbicide or apply the product at the wrong time, it could damage your grass.

Nonselective herbicides control or suppress plants regardless of species. Common products that fall in this category are: Roundup, Finale and Reward. Nonselective herbicides are used to spray along fences, rock beds, and sidewalks. Make sure that you read the label before applying the product. Not every nonselective herbicide will control every weed.

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