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Pink Snow Mold – Microdochium Patch

Microdochium patch (pink snow mold) is a lawn disease caused by a group of fungi called Microdochium nivale. It is the most common disease that you can expect to see in areas that receive snowfall. The name – pink snow mold comes from the pinkish color of the fungus on the leaf blades.

This disease can invade turf underneath the snow cover and can cause severe and considerable damage. Keep in mind that this disease can occur during periods of wet and cool weather and areas that receive no snow. If you notice the presence of water soaked, dead plants covered with white-pink spore masses and a dark appearance on the edge of the patch you should know that those are the first symptoms of pink snow mold.

How to Prevent Pink Snow Mold – Cultural & Chemical Control Methods

Cultural Control Methods:

From our experience, this lawn disease can be controlled in a successful way without fungicide. All you need to do is to mow on a regular basis and make sure to avoid high unclipped grass that has a tendency to fall over and twist under the snow cover. Also, try to avoid making snow banks when removing snow from driveways and sidewalks. The piles of leaves is a perfect environment for microdochium patch and should be removed from your lawn before the first snow begins to fall.

Chemical Control Methods:

Fungicide is necessary to control pink snow mold, especially in new turfgrass seeding.

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