The way that we present our personal lawn says a lot about ourselves. It is always a good thing to put your best foot forward. Green Turf has the most useful tips and tactics to make your lawn impress next-door neighbors and friends.

A lot of books and online content have been posted on how to have a thick, healthy lawn. The articles are filled with lists and lists of things to do to give you a green lush lawn. No matter who you are and where you live, Green Turf will be your local lawn care source.

We are an authentic lawn care company. The goal at Green Turf Care is to give you the tools to have confidence in our service. There are three elements that we try to do to “wow” you!


If you call into our office we want to give you an energetic fun conversation. Do you remember the times that you hated tracking down a service company? It was a dread to speak to the grumpy receptionist. In our customer service department, we don’t want to waist your time. When you call us we will give you answers.

We take the time to connect with you and we are happy to spend time with our clients.   Green Turf is committed to what we do. We aren’t caught up with other pressures of day-to-day life. We are totally focused to answering your questions and to be honest in what we are explaining to you. Your ears will perk up when you here a clear lawn care plan from our customer service department.

We are a personal company. If you need us to come to your property, we will head right over. You can visually see our truck and our sharp crew out servicing lawns. We can give you addresses in your neighborhood of current clients that are close to you. Our lawn care truck, website and YouTube page are ways to allow people to see what this company is all about.

You need to have us treat your lawn because we will make your neighbors jealous. Each occasion that you interact with us will be memorable.