Dear Macungie homeowners,

When you are choosing the selection of grass seeds make sure you are careful in your decision.   Many homeowners are not aware of this very important first step. If you purchase the wrong seed you can bring many potential problems to your turf. These issues can be the turf use, the appearance, the environment, and potential insect and disease pests. Make sure you know what type of grass seed will work best for you. It will save you a lot of headaches!

A turfgrass that is planted in the wrong area will deteriorate and fail. There are some cases that the wrong grass seed will still grow but the results will be excessive pesticide applications, fertilization and continual replanting of grass seeds. You want a high quality lawn that gives you low maintenance. If you have a question about what type of seed you should purchase, feel free to contact us at the office.

Here is a list of questions to ask when planting grass seed. What is my desired quality? What would I like my lawn to look like? What is the turf color, texture, density, uniformity, and growth habit? What will I use my lawn for? Is it going to be a high traffic area with a lot of athletic events, parties or a play surface for the kids? Will the grass seed take hold in an area that is prone to erosion? Will my lawn be pest resistant? Once the grass germinates and becomes a healthy lawn is this going to cause a huge amount of time and finances to maintain? What kind of soil and sunlight does my property have? Is it sunny, shady or a mix of both?

There are many types of turfgrasses. Carefully select what will work best for your property. This simple step is the best way to avoid potential problems in the future.