The 3 categories of grass in Allentown, PA

Have you ever looked at a lawn and wondered what type of grass it is?  Beautiful lawns benefit the home value and appearance dramatically.  All over Allentown, lawn care companies are maintaining properties that are used for different purposes.  Read this article to help you learn the value of planting different turf types.


Turfgrasses are divided into three groups based on quality, function and maintenance requirements.


What type of grass do you have? Do you know it ‘s purpose?


Erosion Purposes:


Grass that serves as a means of controlling erosion generally receives minimal maintenance. This type of grass is called Utility Turfgrass. When you are driving along roadways you will find tall fescue and pasture type Kentucky bluegrass. You can also find this type of grass at industrial areas, low-use park areas and other lower maintenance settings.


Aesthetic Purposes:


If you are looking for a beautiful aesthetic appeal that gives you a high quality lawn with moderate maintenance you will want to choose a seed from an improved turfgrass category. Quality grass seeds are planted on home lawns, commercial areas, landscape areas and park settings. The turf type will usually be the improved mix of Kentucky bluegrass, perennial rye, and turf-type tall fescue.


Athletic Purposes:


If you are at a recreation facility that has athletic functions, you will see a high maintenance grass that gives a high quality look. Improved Kentucky bluegrasses, perennial ryegrasses, creeping bentgrasses, and turf-type tall fescues are often grown on golf course greens, tees, fairways, roughs, as well as baseball; football; and other sports sites.


Next time you are out and about, try to spot the purpose and type of grass that you see. There are many types of grass seed available for homeowners. Each seed thrives in different soils and functions. Grass is such a vital part of the landscape that we thoroughly enjoy throughout the Lehigh Valley.