Healthy lawns provide an amazing aesthetic, environmental and recreational benefit. A homeowner that has a well-maintained lawn not only increases their property value it also builds a strong source of community pride! To keep your lawn healthy requires you to implement several vital management steps throughout the season.


Make sure your lawn is on a trusted fertilization and weed control program. Fertilization keeps your grass looking good all year round. If you fertilize properly you will reduce the amount of water used to keep the lawn green. Fertilization also helps control weeds, insects and diseases.


All homeowners in Macungie need to be aware that during the months of July and August your lawn might grow very slowly or even go dormant due to the temperature at that time.   It is important to be aware of your lawns needs during the hot summer months. To keep the grass green and healthy it is best to water the correct amount according to its needs.


If you forsake fertilizing your grass is will become malnourished. The grass blades will start to turn yellow and the soil becomes more visible. This will lead to costly problems as time goes on. A nice green, dense lawn will keep away pests from your property.   In order to have a beautiful lawn, please make sure you fertilize every 5-6 weeks. Properly treated lawns tolerate stress such as as heat, drought and cold weather. If you have questions in regards to your lawn, please feel free to contact us at the office.