Fairy Ring Lawn Disease – Everything You Need to Know About It

Let’s face it – lawn diseases can be a real problem sometimes and they can definitely do pretty serious damages to your lawn in Allentown, PA.  One of these lawn diseases is fairy ring! Find out what fairy ring is exactly, what cause this lawn disease, and how to prevent it in the most efficient way!

What is Fairy Ring?

Fairy ring is a lawn disease caused by various solinhabiting fungi. These fungi can cause the growth of rings on deep green grass and on dead or unthrifty grass and destroy not just your grass but the whole look on your lawn as well.

Fairy rings commonly appear as green and dark circles in the lawn and are found in sizes between a few inches and 200 feet or more in diameter. They grow annually and their size depends on the soil, grass, and weather conditions. Fairy rings are most commonly found on sandy soils which are low in fertility and water. Their deep thatch layer additionally contributes to this disease to show.

How to Prevent Your Lawn from Fairy Ring

These are some of the most-used methods that are proven to be efficient in preventing your lawn from fairy rings:

  • Removal – Buried organic debris can sometimes encourage the growth of fairy rings. Wood scraps from construction projects, undecomposed tree roots, and other organic debris must be removed before planning on establishing your new lawn.
  • Fertilizer – You can use nitrogen fertilizer in order to cover the symptoms of fairy ring. Besides covering the symptoms you can cause the rest of the grass to green up. However, this is not a permanent solution to fairy ring problem.
  • Fungicides – It is proven that fungicides can suppress fairy rings. Still, this is another temporary solution. It is not going to help you get rid of this disease for good.

But we know what can!

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