Eliminate Kikuyugrass through Organic Lawn Service – Allentown, PA

One of the toughest turfgrass weeds in the United States, Kikuyugrass is also known as Pennisetum clandestinum. This weed is extremely aggressive and can take over your backyard in short order once it’s begun to set. Not only that but Kikuyugrass is also extremely tough to kill off, which is why so many owners want to know how to remove Kikuyugrass through lawn service.

Although you can hire professional lawn service to come in and handle your Kikuyugrass infestation, you can also use your own lawn care tips to handle this weed. These lawn service tips to eliminate this weed organically go a long way, especially in a garden. Avoiding the use of harsh herbicides can keep your soil in good condition and can prevent other plants from being damaged.

Organic Lawn Service Tips to Remove Kikuyugrass

The Kikuyugrass weeds are native to the plains of East Africa, and as such are well suited to warmer climates. Originally intended to prevent erosion along riverbanks, Kikuyugrass has become a thorn in the side of many gardeners.

Kikuyugrass is completely invasive and can take over ground in your yard in short order. Being able to choke out other plants and spread throughout grass is one of the biggest problems for lawn care. Not only can Kikuyugrass grow in your grass and lawn, but it can crop up in your garden and among your bushes as well.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to resort to harsh chemicals to deal with Kikuyugrass. Here’s a short explanation of organic lawn service techniques to get rid of Kikuyugrass in your garden or lawn.

  1. Block Sunlight– Using a makeshift tent or cover, block out the sunlight to the Kikuyugrass. Over time this will weaken the weed to the point where you can manually remove it easier. The only problem is this weed’s roots are extremely thin and prone to breaking. Any small part of root can create rhizomes can regenerate this weed.
  2. Vinegar– Once you have the weed pulled up, you can use small amounts of vinegar to burn out the roots. Application should be done carefully, as to not affect other plants. Spilling vinegar in other parts of the soil will cause a chemical imbalance.
  3. Clean your lawn service equipment– Because this weed propagates through seeds and stem sections, you want to keep your equipment clean at all times.
  4. Proper Lawn Service– Lawn Care is the best way to control and curb the growth of Kikuyugrass weeds. When your grass and other plants are in good health with a strong root system, there’s not much room for Kikuyugrass to set in.

When you first spot Kikuyugrass seedlings, you should take action and manually remove it. Make sure to routinely look over your garden and lawn to spot any appearance of this invasive weed. Being able to spot out Kikuyugrass ahead of time gives you the best chance to keep it under control.