Easy steps to seeding your Emmaus lawn.


The hot summer months is not a good time to start seeding your lawn in Emmaus. In just a few months, the cool evenings will start creeping in. Green Turf Care is a professional lawn care company that specializes in giving homeowners the right lawn service that they deserve. We have a strong desire to give you the correct answer for your lawn care questions. Seeding a lawn can be easily completed by anyone. With just a few how-to-steps and some hard work, you will be well on your way to see the grass grow.


Step 1: Prepare the soil for seeding. It is always ideal to have the soil lightly rolled before sowing seed. Find the right terrain that you need and then make sure it is nice and smooth.


Step 2: Apply the correct amount of seed. Adjust your spreader to the manufactures recommended settings. Don’t forget to close the hopper before filling it with seed!


Step 3: Evenly spread the seeded with a push spreader. This will allow you to get an even, thorough layer. At times, you might think you did not add enough seed. If you have kept track of your route, you will have seeded the area sufficiently.


Step 4: To help germinate the seed. Apply a granular starter fertilizer along with a moisture control product. You can use burlap, oat straw or other products that will prevent weeds from sprouting.