Controlling Goosegrass Weeds – Lawn Service Guidelines

The warm season can bring about the onset of Goosegrass weeds, which are a problem for any garden or lawn in Allentown, PA. In order to prevent and stop Goosegrass weeds, you need the right level of lawn service. Lawn service can stop these weeds from growing on your property. Have a problem with Goosegrass weeds in your lawn? Use these lawn service tips to curb the onset of this annoying weed and restore the health to your grass.

The Goosegrass weed is also known as Galium aparine, and it’s common in most moderate climates. Because it can spread quickly through seeds, you need to act quickly to minimize the impact of this weed. You can kill off Goosegrass through the careful application of herbicides or just good old fashioned lawn service guidelines.

Control Goosegrass using these lawn service tips

Identifying Goosegrass – Before you can start planning your lawn service around controlling this weed, you have to be able to spot it. Goosegrass can often confuse even the most seasoned green thumb due to it’s appearance. This weed has finger like blades that sprout out from the center of the weed. These thick rough blades can range from 5 to 13 per weed, and feature a slight serrated edge to them.

Goosegrass can appear dark green in color, with a slight white tinge to the edges. It can be confusing to spot out, because most of the time this weed can give your lawn an unkempt appearance.

Removing Goosegrass – This weed is tougher than most, and can establish itself in the hardest of soil. They are also quick to spread over your lawn, so take care when removing the weed in question. Manually removing Goosegrass is easier said than done. Although it can seem as though you’ve removed it all there’s always a good chance you’ve left some taproot behind.

This will quickly form back into a seedling, so if you must resort to herbicides you can do so. However in a garden with food growing in it, or depending on the level of your lawn service, using an all natural approach may be a better idea. Of course the best method to remove and prevent Goosegrass is proper lawn service and maintenance.

Herbicides – Because Goosegrass is so common in moderate climates, there are many over the counter products that can help you deal with this weed. Many of them will have different levels of effectiveness, depending on your soil and the maturity of the weed in question. For most pre-emergence situations, there are many herbicides that won’t kill off or leave residual damage to your soil or other plants.

In a pinch you can turn to glyphosate based herbicides such as Round-up for spot duty. With careful application you can avoid harming other plants in your yard or your lawn. Before you use any herbicide, make sure to read the manufacturer instructions carefully to prevent misapplication. When turning to a spray herbicide, always treat the affected area on days without wind to ensure proper delivery. Failure to do so could result in other plants dying off or soil contamination which could lead to other issues.