Controlling Dandelion Growth in Lawn Care – Allentown, PA

Proper lawn care can go a long way to prevent dandelions from popping up on your property. Although they can be colorful when in full bloom, dandelions can overtake your lawn and ruin your grass. Worst of all it can be challenging to control dandelion growth, or eliminate it. If you have more than the occasional dandelion in your grass, this guide can help you get rid of dandelion growth.

Identifying dandelions is easy to do. The weed blooms as a perennial that can grow in any soil, and cause problems in your lawn. Improperly removing this weed can cause a new weed to grow from the taproot. Dandelion roots can grow deep in your soil, making them very difficult to remove or eliminate.

If you’ve got a problem with dandelions in your lawn, it’s important to get it under control. Although these colorful flowers can look nice, it’s only a matter of time before they become a real nuisance. Learn how to prevent dandelion growth and maintain your lawn using this simple and easy to follow guide.

Stop Dandelion Growth – Lawn Care Tips

Remove dandelions – When you spot these bright yellow flowers, you should begin by manually removing them. Grab near the root and gently pull as to prevent the taproot from breaking off in the soil. Carefully removing the dandelion from your lawn can help you achieve the look you are after.

Even the best of lawns can have an occasional dandelion infestation. However manually removing them can often result in them returning or growing back. That’s why you need the proper lawn care maintenance to rid yourself of these pesky dandelions.

Chemical treatment – There’s a wide variety of over the counter weed killers that can help you control dandelion outbreak. Some of the more popular choices include Weed-B-Gon MAX Weed Killer or similar sprays. These weed killers will act quickly to remove the dandelion, and help you with your overall lawn care.

Herbicide powders can also be applied to the affected soil area as well. This should be done after manually removing the dandelion.

Proper lawn care – The best way to control dandelion outbreak is through proper lawn care. Having a healthy lawn and grass can choke out dandelion growth and leave no space for it to set in. The toughest dandelion taproot won’t stand a chance when your lawn is in good health.

Proper lawn care and management can prevent new weeds from establishing themselves in your lawn. If this weed has taken over your property, you can get a head start on dandelion control by removing your weeds manually, applying the right herbicide, and mowing your lawn on a high setting.

Maintain your lawn to bring it back to full health. This is the best way to eliminate and prevent dandelions from growing. Without the space to grow and the soil to take root, you can eliminate dandelion growth all together through proper lawn care.