How to control weeds in Macungie.

The absolute best way to control weeds is to maintain a healthy dense lawn.  Proper cultural practices will allow you to have a 70% advantage over weeds.  When you choose the right type of grass for your home lawn and follow proven fertilization, mowing, and irrigation practices, you will find your lawn nice and green.

A good tip for all homeowners in Macungie is to evaluate your lawn when you start to find weeds.  What is the growing condition of my grass?  Is my turf healthy?  The best option is to identify the underlying cause of the weed before you start using herbicides.

There are 5 important things to consider when developing a weed control program.

1.  Know what type of grass you have.

2.  Identify the weed type and what season the weed began to appear.

3.  Determine why the weeds came and correct the condition or practice  that caused the issue.

4.  Select a chemical that is effective on the weed and labeled for use on the grass you are treating on.

5.  Revaluate your approach to maintaining your lawn.  Adjust your mowing height, don’t over or under water your lawn and make sure to stay on a consistent fertilization program.