Control Downy Brome with Lawn Care – Allentown, PA

Common throughout the midwest as well as other regions, Downy Brome can take root in your grass around the fall or winter months. Without careful lawn care maintenance and studious observation, you could find your garden overtaken by Downy Brome in short order. Downy Brome reproduces through seeds, and can grow in shallow soil as well as medium textured dirt as well.

This overall hardiness level makes Downy Brome extremely quick to spread. This weed can tiller fast and overtake any lawn that doesn’t have a high level of lawn care maintenance. This plant can grow up to 24 inches in height, depending on the soil, moisture levels and plant competition.

Like any weed, careful lawn care service can go a long way towards preventing this growth. Before you can deal with Downy Brome however, you’ll need to know how to identify and spot this weed.

Identify Downy Brome Weeds

These weeds are simple to spot, and can be identified through the leaves. The leaves of Downy Brome are flat and have hairs along the blades and sheath of the weed. Here’s a quick rundown of identifying the weed, which goes a long way for you to deal with Downy Brome.

  1. Membrane of the weed can appear thin, almost to the point of fraying on the ligule of Downy Brome.
  2. The roots of Downy Brome are shallow and extremely fibrous, which makes manual removal difficult
  3. The weed stems can appear slender and smooth, which can result in multi-branded bases.
  4. Panicles of the Downy Brome are long and smooth, which can cause the weed to droop to one side.

Removing Downy Brome through lawn care

Lawn care can include herbicides and careful maintenance to remove this pesky weed. By using herbicides you can remove this weed, eliminating the seed sources and containing the spread of this wide ranging weed. Downy Brome can affect lawns, gardens and even crops to a wide degree.

That”s why you need superior lawn care tips to control and curb this weed. Here’s a few guidelines on eliminating Downy Brome with the right level of lawn care.

Downy Brome Seed Control – Cool season soil can be a perfect breeding ground for Downy Brome. In order to eliminate this weed, you need to control tall stands of grass or legume to eliminate the spread of Downy Brome. The seed of Downy Brome can quickly overtake any lawn, which is why the right mowing height is imperative.

Keeping a regular schedule of lawn care and mowing can prevent the spread of this weed.  By carefully mowing your lawn or garden, you can eliminate infestations before they can crop up.

If you are tending to cultivated fields, you must remove the Downy Brome weed where they grow. Mowing your lawn can remove this weed, but it can also reduce competition so that desirable perennial grass may reestablish.

Plant healthy seed – Planting healthy and proper grass can eliminate any open areas where Downy Brome can take hold. That’s why lawn care is the most important step to preventing this weed.