Common Groundsel Control through Superior Lawn Service – Allentown, PA

One of the most common weeds in any location, groundsel is abundant in most areas of the world. When you find that common groundsel has infested your grass, you need superior lawn service to curb this weed’s growth. Before you can begin to control or eliminate the common groundsel weed, you’ll need to understand how to identify the problem.

Identifying common groundsel is easy to do. This weed typically grows between 5 and 1 inches in height. It features lobed leaves and yellow petals, with a head of white puffy seeds on top. This weed is part of the Asteraceae family and as such can be most prolific during the spring time of the year.

How to use lawn service to remove Groundsel

Watering schedule – Over watering your grass is one of the most common mistakes in lawn service. Make sure that the soil are you using has sufficient drainage properties, and that you don’t overdo it. Excessive moisture in your lawn gives way to weeds, and allows problems to form before you know it.

Regular Mowing – Keeping your grass a set height can prevent weeds from taking hold. When you allow your yard to grow and it becomes unkept, you increase the chances of weeds infesting your grass. Part of the proper lawn service maintenance includes mowing your lawn on a regular basis.

Inspection and Removal – This is a vital part of lawn service, which requires a vigilant eye. When you see weeds growing in your grass, locate them and remove them right away. This is especially important with common groundsel. Because this weed can generally produce about 2000 seeds per plant, you don’t want it growing out of control.

Like all weeds, this step of lawn service is highly important. Being able to find and identify weeds eliminates the chance of them setting in. Once any weed takes hold, it can spread it seeds which can create a huge problem for your grass or lawn.

Mulch – Another good way to curb the onset of common groundsel is through a good layer of mulch. Not only will this prevent the growth of seedlings but it will give your plants good nutrients and provide your garden with the health it needs. Cultivating your own mulch is easy to do, and can give you a good way to minimize your carbon footprint and reuse your old food and grass clippings.

Professional help – When these lawn service tips don’t seem to get results, it might be time to seek out professional help. Professionals can give your lawn the look you’ve always been after and can provide the lawn care to restore the health of your garden. When in doubt turn to a true professional for lawn service that will help your grass. Professional lawn service can help you regain footing in your grass and bring back the lawn you have always had.