Choose The Right Lawn Mower To Get A Green And Healthy Lawn

Being able to relax and a have a fun time is essential for a healthy lifestyle these days, and having a great lawn plays a big role in this.  Bethlehem is a beautiful community to live in.  As a homeowner, you want to be thrilled with the way your lawn and landscape appears!  The happiness when you see your perfect green and healthy lawn and being able to spend a quality time with your family there is very amazing indeed.

Your happiness is our satisfaction and hence, we at Green Turf are very dedicated in making your yard gorgeous where you can have BBQs with family, picnic with friends, play games with your kids and have an incredible nap in the fresh grass.

We believe that life is too short to spend your days inside, and thus we are committed to improvising your outdoor space and communities along with our precious environment.

For making your lawn look beautiful you’ll have to decide the best lawn mower according to your yard and your budget. The mower should be good and not too cheap so that you can have a nice lawn.

However, personal preference should play a role in this as well when it comes to mowing your lawn. For some people, it’s not a big deal to push a lawn mower for two hours as they consider it rather a therapeutic workout, while there are others who like to finish work as quickly as possible and don’t want to spend so much time and energy on mowing their lawns.

The type of lawn mower that you need would majorly depend on few factors that are:

  • The size of your lawn
  • The type of terrain (for example flat or hilly)
  • Quantity of obstacles that is trees, flower beds etc

Now there is a different type of mowers that you might need to know, as for understanding what is the best option for you.

Walk Behind Mowers

Walk-behind mowers have been popular for quite a long time. These two-stroke lawn mowers with proper maintenance can be used for years and cut miles and miles of grass!

The typical walk-behind mowers are available in 20’’-22’’ sizes; however you need to be careful in measuring the width of your yard gate or shed door, so you can have enough of space for maneuvering your mower through it.

There still are many features that one needs to consider when going for buying a lawn mower, especially walk-behind mowers.

  • To Buy Gas or Electric Mower?

Although it’s well known that gas mowers are long time partners and are more powerful than that of electric mowers, they can be messy and require regular maintenance in comparison to the electric mowers. If you want a good quality gas mower you can spend $100-$400 as well.

Electronic mowers are of two types:

  • Corded
  • And Cordless

Also, they are much easier to operate and clean than gas mowers. Users, however, need to be very careful to keep extra batteries so they don’t have to run out it in cordless mowers. Mowers with a cord are limited by the length of cords, which can be irritating sometimes while mowing your lawn.

For buying corded unit it would charge your $200 or up, and buying cordless mowers can cost you in the range of $300-$400.

  • Self-Propelled v/s Push

An all wheel drive does provide more assistance in going on inclined planes but are comparatively heavy and can be very difficult to maneuver. Self-propelled mowers are usually good for larger yards.

  • Cutting type:

The type of walk-behind which deals with grass clipping are of three types:

  • Side dischargers, which generally pile the clipping back on the lawn.
  • Mulching ones, which preferably cuts the clippings into very small pieces and breakdowns them releasing the nutrients back into the soil.
  • Bagging, which cuts the clippings and collects them in a bag which later is disposed of along with yard wastes.

Some lawn mowers, however, are capable of doing all three of the above.

Push Mover

If you have a small yard of merely 500 square feet then it can very easily be mowed using a manual reel mower like a push mower. With push mowers, you need to be quite fast to start the blades rightly, but there is no need for an engine which ultimately lowers the maintenance cost and it generally eco-friendly. It’s even very easy to keep them as they don’t even need a large area to be stored at, you can store them vertically against any wall you want.

Push reel mowers are very cheap in comparison to other mowers. The size though varies from standard 16’’ to as large as 20’’ and as low as 14’’ wide.

The cost range of these kinds of mowers is $80-$110.

Ride Mowers

For those who can’t push a walk-behind mower or those who don’t have so much time, or are having some physical problems Riding mowers are just perfect scope for them. It saves a huge lot of time, so upgrading to this might be a more of an interesting option for you. These motor provide a good comfort.

Build to mow smaller lawns and finishing the job on time, these range in price from $600-$1000.

Lawn tractors

These are really big and have a very powerful engine and used for wider cutting. Some of them offer power takeoff (PTO) capabilities. This allows users for hooking up the attachments as those of spreaders, aerators and snow throwers. It also includes four-wheel steering, high back seats, headlights and 12-volt outlets, an amazing control. These mowers start from $1,500 and costs as high as $4000 or even more.

Zero-Turn Mowers

With people who maintain landscapers and golf course, the mower that has been quite popular are zero-turn mowers. They are fast and work with precision, although the lap bar steering can cause some difficulties.

They are preferable to large and flat kind of lawns. They vary in range from $2,500 to $12,000.

Robotic Mowers

With advancement in technology, we are also seeing robotic mowers which can mow the lawn without any supervision. All you have to do it to turn it on and let it do its work. It has a border wire that usually defined the area that is being mowed.

These types of mowers are becoming very popular these days. Especially among those who don’t want to spend their time mowing around.

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