Winterizing your lawn is a seasonal must-have for healthy growth in the spring.

Winter is quickly approaching the Emmaus, Pennsylvania area, and when it comes to your lawn it’s a time of less activity. Heck, the snowfall may even make you forget you have a lawn! However, there’s one final thing that needs to happen before the onset of winter: lawn winterization.

Learn why winterization matters both short-term and long-term and why this is a lawn care process that shouldn’t be skipped. The winterizing process is critical for properties in Emmaus and other nearby areas of Pennsylvania.

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What is winterization?

Winterization refers to the process of preparing your lawn for winter and spring. This process typically involves specialized fertilizer treatments in addition to clearing debris and preparing beds for cold weather. This is completed in October or November.

When done correctly, this winterization process will give your lawn enough nutrients to last the winter while also giving all parts of your lawn better protection from the cold and snow.

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The winterization process is founded in science.

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Every lawn’s soil has a slightly different chemical makeup, and the acidity level (pH) can make a big difference in how well your grass thrives. Soil is often tested at the end of the season to determine the exact nutrient needs for your lawn. For example, potassium is one nutritional element that is in short supply over the winter so winterizing treatments usually include a boost of potassium.

Other parts of lawn winterization include preparing beds for the season. Topsoil can quickly erode due to rain and snowmelt, and perennials, although hardy, can still be susceptible to the cold if left unprotected all winter. A layer of insulating mulch will help with all of these issues.

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Winterization makes a huge impact on the health of your lawn.

Part of the goal of lawn winterization is giving grass enough (and the right) nutrients to survive its winter dormancy. This final application of fertilizer for the year will help your lawn in the long-term. Winterizing fertilizer does two things:

  • Encourages stronger root development berfore going into the dormancy phase
  • Produces better color when growth resumes in the spring

Part of the grass life cycle means the grass shifts its growing priorities throughout the year. In the fall, grass transitions from putting effort into growing up and instead starts storing nutrients in the root system. Because the roots have worked all winter to store food, when spring rolls around the grass can get a jump-start on growth. A strong root system means thicker grass, which leaves less room for weeds to take over and gives your lawn a more even texture and color.

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