Buying Seed or Sod: The Ultimate Guide To Recognizing Quality

Let’s face it – there is no Emmaus homeowner out there who is not in a love-hate relationship with their lawn. A lot of this has to do with taking care of our precious lawns and using the best materials. So, if your lawn is not living up to your expectations, it is maybe about time to decide whether to seed it or sod it or start using the best lawn care services near you.

So, if you are looking to have a green lawn this spring, you have two options: to plant premium grass seeds in the fall – or to buy sod and roll it like a carpet. Either way, you are getting the same results. At this point, you are probably wondering if planting grass seed or sod is a better decision.


As with all things, there are pros and cons on the different types of seed and sod available out there. Below, we are listing all of them in order to help you make the right decision and shop quality seed and sod products from your local supplier.

Buying Grass Seed: Choosing The Best Seeding Materials

The first thing that only the best lawn care services know is that buying grass seed is only easy when you know how to look at the details. For example, the front label of the package is not a reliable guide to its quality – yet still many lawn owners tend to go for flashier and more visually appealing seed packages.

The best way to ensure that you are buying a top quality grass seed is to check the side panel or the back of the package and navigate to the little analysis chart that lists all the specific types of grass by type or variety , as well as their percentage in total.

Basically, each seed package lists the percentages of various grass seed types or the varieties it contains as pure seed and other ingredients. What you should look for here is the main seed types for your specific region/climate which should represent 90% or more of the contents of the package.

The rest of the ingredients listed on the grass seed package should include other crop seeds and weed seeds. Even though traces of them are unavoidable, the higher the quality of the product is – the lower percentage of other ingredients it has.

We hope that these tips helped you get your lawn in shape before hiring professional lawn care services. Now, let’s talk about buying sod.

Buying Sod: A Better Alternative To Lawn Care Services

Knowledge comes with experience.

This is why in most cases it is the professional lawn care companies who know how to pick a top quality sod. However, you cannot get good experience without knowledge. So, if you are looking for top quality sod for your yard or business, you should take a look at the following four factors:

  • Consistency
  • Maturity
  • Fertilization
  • Time of harvesting

As you probably know, buying a top quality grass sod is very different from purchasing seeds. When it comes to consistency, you need to take into account how much of that sod is soil (no more than an inch). After all, if your soil is falling apart it will do that when you need it to stay together.

Mature grass is usually what makes quality sod. The best way to tell if the grass you choose is mature or not is to see its roots (they should look like dense spider web) and make sure that the grass is of the same color throughout with no patches of a different shade of green.

Fertilization is another important factor here. Basically, you need to make sure that the sod you are buying has been fertilized, which can be best seen from its color. Plus, it goes a long way to know how long it has been since the last fertilization of the sod.

Ultimately, the time of harvest matters a lot when purchasing grass sod. If the sod is not replanted within the window of time, it will start to become stressed from the moisture loss. This may lead to discoloration and potential or withering from heat (especially if it lacks moisture).

Why Choose Professional Lawn Care Services For Your Yard

Even though buying grass seed versus sod is something that is best learned from experience, professional lawn care services are the best way to a green, lush and healthy lawn. With an expert, you won’t have to pay for sod or seed that you are not using – or test without any luck.

Money is another factor here. A lot of people opt out to the best lawn care services in order to save money. Even though having someone taking care of your lawn seems like an investment, it is way less than the investment you are making in lawn care equipment, its maintenance and the products including grass seed or sod.

Most importantly, you will save a lot of time and will know that your lawn is well taken care of. You won’t have to trim your bushes, cut your lawn, water your garden, eliminate weeds or apply fertilizer. Your lawn will thank you.

So, are you ready to see the best lawn care services near you?

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