Who can help me with bugs in Macungie?

Are you scared to death about having creepy, annoying insects in your house?  Don’t wait any longer!  Give the local insect pros a call.

Green Turf is concerned not just about weeds, they want to keep your lawn free of insects! Although your lawn might be nice and green have you ever considered protecting it against nasty little critters? Green Turf Care provides property owners with top-notch lawn care services. In the summer months insects can be annoying and cause you not to enjoy your green lawn. Here is a few insects that you want to be aware of. Green Turf’s products will keep away: centipedes, FLEAS, millipedes, TICKS, fire ants, mole crickets, pillbugs, sowbugs, billbugs, chinch bugs, cutworm, sod webworms, armyworm, asiatic garden beetle, black vine weevil, Japanese beetle and oriental beetle. If you have any questions about our surface insect control program please do not hesitate to contact us at the office.