Who is the best lawn care service company in Macungie?

Major Difference #6 – Experts
A very significant problem in the lawn care industry is a lack of training.  Many companies are short on workers and pay so poorly that they experience very high turnover.  They hire whomever they can find and essentially give them a truck and mower and put them in the field.
We believe this is an extremely dangerous practice.

Everyone we hire is retrained.  Each team member is an expert at what they do.  Each team member is focused on his or her area of expertise.

Training takes time.  We have found good pay, a great work environment and ongoing training significantly reduces turnover.   Low turnover combined with a great training program will ensure you receive the highest quality service possible.
Green Turf Care supervisors regularly visit our client’s properties and inspect the quality of our work.   If you select a company unwilling to spend the money to regularly inspect the work performed there will be problems and sometimes-costly mistakes.

Finally, a company that is a few dollars cheaper per week might be the best price but not the best value.  A company with insurance, supervisors, a training program and licensed employees is a much better value.
Many companies that mow or treat the lawn for a few dollars per year less are inexperienced in areas such as caring for the lawn as a whole and answering questions.  Few companies have spent the money and taken the steps to become a well-rounded provider of multiple services.

This is why we believe most lawn care companies cannot possibly posses all of the skills necessary to provide every type of service.