Nearly a decade of Macungie lawn maintenance experience combined with a passion for quality service in a way that allows us to provide you with the best service. Every year billions of dollars are spent on lawn care. Keep some of them in your pocket by avoiding some common lawn care mistakes.

1. Stop mowing your grass to short. The golden rule is to never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade at any given time. When grass is mowed too short it becomes stressed. Stressed grass not only needs time to recover, it cannot properly photosynthesize and re-grow.

2. Don’t water your lawn so often / too much. Sprinkler systems are designed to easily conserve water and manage water but all too often it seems like homeowners use sprinkler systems as a license to water non-stop.

3. Improper fertilizer application. Most synthetic fertilizers containing nitrogen are “hot”, which means they have the potential to burn the lawn. Using an old spreader or one that is not at the proper setting can cause uneven applications resulting in discoloration or burning.

4. Improper use of pesticides. Always, always read the labels. Pesticides are toxic, poisonous, and can have devastating effects on non-target organisms. Pesticides should never be used as a silver bullet. Use only in conjunction with a responsible Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

5. You’re not focusing on the soil. All the time, money, effort, and products in the world will not help a lawn with bad soil. It all starts with the soil. There is a universe of organisms down there, each with their specific function to break down minerals and organic mater and make them available to the grass roots. If you’re wondering where to begin in the world of lawn care, have your soil tested.

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