Over the years, I have learned that customers are generally prepared to make educated decisions about their lawn care. Research tell us that over 97% of homeowners look at a website, and read articles to review the service before hiring the company.

Green Turf is prepared for potential clients to make the initial review of our company. Our goal is to provide you with the right elements and all the information needed when choosing a lawn maintenance company. Research also tells us that, on the national average, homeowners stay with their current lawn care provider for 3-4 years. Our desire is to maintain your grass until you sell your property! Our team wants to pass the consumer test and make you a client for many years.

Please Google search “Green Turf Care Macungie PA” to learn as much as you can about our company. You can use your desktop, laptop, phone or wrist phone to review our business. Please remember that we give free advice for all your turf needs.

From lawn treatments, to flea & tick control, grub control, aeration and over seeding, we are here for the residents of the Lehigh Valley. If we can assist you in any lawn service question, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Geoff Gaus