Lawn Service – Remove Southern Crabgrass

The bane to grass everywhere, crabgrass is an invasive weed that can quickly manifest itself in your yard. Comfortable in soil and turf, crabgrass can choke out your lawn when left untreated. This hardy weed is tough to remove and difficult to control once it’s established itself. That’s why when you want to learn how to remove southern crabgrass, you can use the basic rules of lawn service to rid yourself of this weed.

Lawn care measures can be effective to curb the growth and onset of crabgrass. There are many herbicides that are meant to stop seedlings from rooting, but what happens if it’s too late? Also some of these herbicides must be applied at the right time. Failure to do so can cause the expensive pre-emergence herbicide to become ineffective. That’s why learning how to control crabgrass that’s already rooted is extremely important.

Following the proper lawn service schedule keeps your lawn maintained and your grass free of weeds. When you want to learn how to remove crabgrass, or control Southern crabgrass, these lawn care tips can help.

Lawn Service Tips – Control crabgrass

Herbicides – There are many post-emergent herbicides that will kill off crabgrass where it grows. Apply these herbicides only to the crabgrass that is visible. Because these herbicides can also cause damage to your plants or grass, make sure to read and follow the instructions carefully.

One of the biggest lawn service rules when it comes to applying herbicides, is picking the right day as well as time of day. Make sure to pick a day that’s sunny, without too much wind. Never apply herbicides when it’s windy out, or if you are expecting rain.

Follow Up – After applying the post-emergent herbicide, monitor your lawn carefully. Note any browning in your grass, and make sure that you check the weeds for reduction.
If the crabgrass plants are fairly well established, you’ll need to apply the herbicide multiple times.

Treat the areas after a week, allowing for the herbicides to take effect. All post-emergent herbicides will come with instructions that will outline the period of time you must wait before reseeding grass. Using these lawn service rules can give you the most effective means to control crabgrass.

Professional help – Southern crabgrass is just about everywhere in the United States. It’s most common along the midwest and the southern parts of the country. Comfortable in moderate temperatures and states, crabgrass can probably be found just about anywhere on the planet.

That’s why when you are looking for help on removing crabgrass, you need professional help. Finding the best lawn service company in Allentown, PA can give you the best of both worlds. If crabgrass has already taken root, the professionals can come and treat the troublesome weed. Not only that but the best lawn service Allentown, PA can offer will also prep your lawn to fight off crabgrass in the future.

Stop crabgrass cold in its tracks by turning to the best lawn service in Allentown, PA today. Take back your grass and your lawn, and restore your property by using the best lawn service available.