This week in our lawn service blog, we give you more tips on taking care of your lawn. In our first installment of this lawn care series, we talked about your mowing patterns and mowing once a week unless you lawn was stressed. Both of our tips this week talk about eliminating stressful conditions for your lawn.

  • Mow It High – No that doesn’t mean you have to move to Colorado or Washington. It just means that during the hot times of the summer, you want to make sure you are leaving plenty of the blade to store nutrients and water. Lawns that are cut too short develop root systems that are too short too. Shallow root systems are bad because they don’t can’t store the nutrients and water the lawn needs. Additionally, it also allows weeds more room to grow and flourish. In short, a high lawn is a happy lawn.
  • Morning Waterings – Water your lawn in the morning. This does a couple good things for your lawn. It allows the lawn to gain the benefit of the water without leaving it soaked overnight. A wet that is wet at night is far more susceptible to lawn disease and pests that flourish overnight. Watering in the morning reduces the amount of water that is lost to evaporation in the heat of the afternoon.

Mowing your lawn higher and watering it in the morning will help it avoid undue stress. Next week, we will cover more helpful lawn care tips on our blog, so check it out.  Green Turf Care loves servicing properties in Macungie, Emmaus, Allentown and Whitehall.