1. Emmaus Lawn Care Tips: Every lawn deserves proper care!

    The Basics Of A New Lawn: 5 Aspects Every Lawn Owner Should Consider Every lawn deserves proper care, especially ahead of the new season. You have probably heard a lot of advice regarding lawn care in Emmaus, PA from your neighbors - or read a lot about it in the media. Even though many people say that starting a new lawn is a job best left to professionals, it won't hurt if you learn the basics o…Read More

  2. What Threatens Your Lawn in the Winter?

    Winter is almost here, and with it will come a whole host of things that can threaten your lawn. In previous blogs, we've talked a lot about what you can do in the fall to prepare your lawn and keep it as healthy as possible throughout the winter, but what happens when winter finally arrives? The cold weather brings a lot of unique challenges for your lawn, and there are a number of things that…Read More

  3. Playing volleyball in your home lawn

    Playing volleyball in your home lawn Playing volleyball in Macungie is a blast!  You will have lots of fun and might never be able get enough of it. Turning your home lawn into a volleyball court is much bigger plan and its a thought that comes into the minds of most volleyball lovers. Whether its an occasional play or an active exercise routine, you need some setups followed by a regular mainten…Read More

  4. Preparing Your Lawn For Backyard Games

    Preparing Your Lawn For Backyard Games Did you know? There was a time when lawn care in Bethlehem, PA was on-point. A time when every backyard lawn also doubled as a cricket pitch. Lawns were of the same grass, were open and sunny places that got mown regularly before the sprinkler got put on. Even though things have changed over time, your lawn can still be the perfect place for sports and simila…Read More

  5. Where Do Pests Go During the Winter?

    The temperature has started to drop, and you've probably noticed that you're seeing less and less insect activity around your home. This is a good thing, as insects can cause all kinds of trouble — damaging your lawn and home and carrying diseases that can compromise your health. But, have you ever wondered where all of those insects go during the cold winter months? Here's where some of Allento…Read More

  6. What Your Weeds are Trying to Tell You Part 2

    Did you know that you can learn a lot out your lawn from the presence of certain weeds? Weeds are downright annoying. You break your back pulling them, and then they just pop right back up again. Weeds are unsightly, and they can do some serious damage to your lawn because they steal the nutrients and water it needs to survive. There's no doubt about it, weeds are a problem. But, weeds can also te…Read More

  7. How To Have A Dream Lawn: The Only 8-Step Guide You Need

    How To Have A Dream Lawn: The Only 8-Step Guide You Need Let's face it - we all want the very best for ourselves. Some of the best things in life are having a dream wife or husband, having a dream car and most importantly, a dream home. However, there is nothing that tells the story of a dream home quite like a dream lawn. Most people now want homes with a beautiful landscape and greenery. A beaut…Read More

  8. Choose The Right Lawn Mower To Get A Green And Healthy Lawn

    Choose The Right Lawn Mower To Get A Green And Healthy Lawn Being able to relax and a have a fun time is essential for a healthy lifestyle these days, and having a great lawn plays a big role in this.  Bethlehem is a beautiful community to live in.  As a homeowner, you want to be thrilled with the way your lawn and landscape appears!  The happiness when you see your perfect green and healthy la…Read More

  9. What Your Weeds are Trying to Tell You

    Most people just think of weeds as annoying, but you can learn a lot about your lawn from the presence of certain weeds. When you see a yard full of dandelions or crabgrass, it's enough to make you want to pull your hair out. All of those weeds are stealing nutrients, oxygen and water from your lawn and the other plant life you actually want in your yard. And, the frustrating part about weeds is t…Read More

  10. The Benefits of Aeration

    Winter is coming, so your lawn is probably not on the top of your priority list. However, the steps you take now will play a big role in the state of your lawn come spring, and there is one important step that you shouldn't overlook: aeration. In our latest blog, our lawn care professionals in Allentown went over the basics of aeration, including what it is, why it's important and when to get it d…Read More